December 8, 2022

Mayor Romeo Salda of La Trinidad, Benguet has assured his constituents there is hope amidst the pandemic after learning the case of a 13-year-old student who died by suicide on Feb. 7.
Salda took to social media his message of hope and informed his constituents it is normal to experience the feeling of “hopelessness, quarantine fatigue, confusion, anxiety, isolation, or an inexplicable sense of doom and despair”, as everyone is going through during these tough times.
“The brighter side to being human is that we are capable of being and doing much, much more. So, amid the daily struggles and the pandemic, do not lose hope. Never lose hope. More so: Never, ever take your own life,” Salda said.
The mayor, in addressing the youth and the children, reminded them of better days to come despite the hardship they are having especially on working on their modules.
“Remember your dreams and why they are worth waking up for, living for, every minute of the day. Yes, bad times there will be, but so will good times; and the more you grow, you will soon see how each experience actually nourishes you, strengthens you to be the best of who you are,” he said.
He encouraged them to also share their burdens to their friends, teachers, pastor, priest, or counselors who are willing to listen to them.
The mayor urged parents to always find time for their children and be the first to reach out especially if they spot warning signs.
The mayor called on the public to be the supportive community that will carry each other’s burden.
“Let us thus join hands – at least, figuratively, for the moment – in carrying that weight in our shared pursuit to heal as one,” he said.
La Trinidad Municipal Police Station chief, Maj. Cleff Vencio, said the scene of the crime operatives has ruled as death by suicide the case of a 13-year-old student who died on Feb. 7.
Vencio said there were various factors that contributed to the death of the victim and one of them is answering the self-learning modules.
DepEd-Cordillera Director Estela Cariño urged schools and teachers to be lenient and give ample time for the students when it comes to answering their modules and projects.
Concerned individuals may call the La Trinidad suicide prevention hotline and get in touch with May Claire Jimenez at 0917-859-2657 or Cristina Anioay at 0910-343-6595 – Ofelia C. Empian