May 27, 2024

Security is being strengthened at the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post following reports that sacks of vegetables are being stolen at night.
Wilson Revelar of the LTVTP and Public Market Division said they are frequently patrolling the trading center especially at night due to the theft incident. 
Revelar said the incident happened twice in the past. Of late, the local government unit’s watchmen found about 20 to 30 sacks of assorted vegetables about to be stolen from the trading center.
“The vegetables stolen are of different varieties so our assessment is that these are collected over time,” he said. 
He added they apprehended a suspect, a minor, who is the same person arrested for same offense recently.
The suspect was turned over to the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office and profiled by the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station.
He said there were also others being apprehended for loitering around the LTVTP at night and these are mostly freelance porters who are not registered in the municipality. 
The mayor’s office has been requested to provide night patrollers with stun gun and flashlight to aid them in patrolling the area.
Revelar has also suggested to the local market council if it could disallow farmers and traders from letting their personnel sleep at the LTVTP’s storeroom.
“This is for our watchmen to easily identify intruders if there would be no personnel sleeping inside the storeroom,” he said.
Revelar added they have requested additional closed-circuit television surveillance cameras to improve the peace and security in the trading post area.
The trading post opens from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. but in regular conditions, the LTVTP is open for 24 hours. – Ofelia C. Empian