June 20, 2024

Among the civil and human rights we enjoy now is the right to vote. Suffrage has suffered a history for the marginalized.
The 1935 constitution only allowed men to vote while women were deprived of this right. Women have battled a long way for their right to vote until they gained their right to political affairs through voting in a plebiscite vesting them their right to suffrage. Democracy gives us a chance to make changes. It is a system where we give importance to every member of the community.
We only have nine months left before the local and national elections and we only have less than a month to register and exercise our right to suffrage.
As a youth, I have the responsibility to ensure that my right will be heard as I know full-well how significant youth involvement is, in our political arena. In today’s time, the youth have remarkably embraced and intensified the power and influence we have as our franchise and engagement in our electoral system is proliferating. Being exposed to the reality of how dirty and depraved our politics is, provokes the youth to take action as we find our way to express our condemnation through social media platforms.
The youth is active in political affairs because we are not afraid to express our personal conviction or our political stance. I certainly believe that the language used by the youth in the discourse of politics is personal, rather than political. This is what makes the youth of today bold and strong – the appetency to take initiative. We are more educated and aware enough to contest our political system – potentially necessitating the creation of both political party and system that feeds our hunger for alteration and reflects the best interest of a diverse population and, our country itself. Moreover, the youth is associated within the crucial age demographic, the youth take up most of the voting population whichever signifies extreme power, voice and influence in our country predominantly on the matters on education, reforms, and opportunities that are affecting and will affect us in the near future.
Through voting, we directly participate in drafting and envisioning the kind of future that we will have for the next six years. We directly decide what kind of leaders will we choose to entrust our country’s holism. We have the eye and knowledge to scrutinize who is the best leader to represent us. Our vote and our voice are vital in manifesting a better future for our country. This is why we should encourage youth vote as we are indeed, a powerful political force.
The youth have the number, the power to indict changes, ergo, exercise their right to vote and make the biggest contribution for a bright tomorrow. Register now! (MERLY ANNE A. MANANDEG)