June 24, 2024

A quick visit of the longest reigning “Man of the World 2019” Korean Kim Jin

Kyu to the Baguio Museum rekindled our interest in Korean culture, telenovelas and food (kimchi and samgyupsal anyone?).

The BTS K Pop stars have conquered the world. Aside from the famous heart sign, they now have the inverted peace sign that has endeared Koreans to the world. The Korean craze also popularized the words oppa and hyung which translates to older brother, noona and unnie for older sister, sunbae for senior, hubae for junior and gamsahabnida for thank you. For those interested in period movies who can forget pyeha (your majesty or emperor) as they addressed Lee Min Ho in the movie the King: Eternal Monarch.

According to Jennylyn Floresca, chairperson of Rey Casa Group of Companies, that is spearheading the “Man of the World 2022 Pageant” 4th edition in Baguio on June 18, 2022, the 29-year-old Jinkyu is an actor, model and is into fitness training.

A son to a businessman, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports from Soongsil University in Seoul, South Korea and he is also into dancing, soccer and windsurfing.

The upcoming pageant had a long respite because of the pandemic. Webster defines “Man of the World” as a practical or worldly-wise man or a man who is widely experienced in the ways of the world and people, an urbane sophisticated man.I surmise, it is probably the equivalent of other beauty pageants like the Miss Universe and Miss World.

“The Man of the World is an international male beauty pageant which began in 2017 that brings forth advocacy and emphasis on the importance of education and career development” says Carlo Morris Galang, president of the Prime Event Productions Philippines during his speech at the launching of the project at Okada Manila.

For this year’s 4th Man of the World Pageant, about 45 talented, handsome and gorgeous men will compete. This will again bring the attention of the world to Baguio and the rest of the Cordillera.

Floresca and Galang explained the theme for this year’s pageant, “Restoration and recovery of tourism, the preservation of our cultural heritage, and the promotion of quality and inclusive education for the poor.”

“The Man of the World will be a world platform on global transformation through education and financial literacy. This will be our corporate social responsibility as the project aims to create 300 jobs in the 40 or so participating countries and ultimately invite investors to the Cordillera. I just hope and pray that the city and provincial governments will do their part in  supporting this event , as it is for a  great cause,” adds Floresca.

Jinky Lontoc is the project director of the MOTW, which is a product of collaboration, partnerships and alliances and will be held with proper health and safety protocols.   

Lontoc is inviting interested viewers to follow Sine Cordillera, the official Facebook account of this year’s Man of the World 4thedition for updates.

Kim Jin Kyu was given a tour of Baguio, Sagada, Mountain Province and Banaue, Ifugao. He already visited Manila and Mindanao.

During his interviews with Rise and Shine Philippines and Sine Cordillera, Jin Kyu who speaks English, said he loves the people of the Philippines and the places he visited because everyone is kind and happy.

He also likes the region’s weather. Contemplating on the gains the pageant has given him, he talks of the pageant helping him develop his mental health and its contribution to his acting.

He likes good food like salads. He works out religiously and advises Man of the World contestants to always stay focus, to have fun, to be happy and to maintain a good diet.

Happy Mother’s Day to all. Haepi eomeoniui nal Salanghaeyo! – (Photos courtesy of Jennylyn Floresca)