May 18, 2024

Two proposed ordinances have been filed before the city council that sought the institutionalization of the Mandeko Kito and the Saleng Festival.

Mandeko kito, an Ibaloy phrase which means “let’s sell,” is a trade show initiated by the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Inc. (Bacci) and the University of the Philippines Baguio together with other sponsoring agencies which features the craftsmanship of Baguio and the Cordillera region, bringing together a collection of premium quality crafts.

This artisans’ fair was started on June 15 to July 15, 2020 at the oblation grounds of UPB in an effort to highlight the city as one of the members of the Unesco Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts.

It was also one of the events conducted during the Ibagiw Creative City Arts Festival in November 2020.

It had its third run on June 15 to 20 at Berkeley School.

Mandeko Kito has been conducted biannually, upon its institutionalization, the organizers may opt to conduct the event whenever they may deem proper and wherever they will be welcomed subject to the approval of the Baguio Creative City Council.

It will be held for at least one week and at most a month.

The first Saleng Festival was launched on May 24 with the theme “Restoring our ecosystem together”.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the Saleng Festival was brought into existence to highlight the importance of the cooperation and commitment of the community in preserving the environment.

From June to September, the city government lines up activities to educate and encourage the community to be involved in the city’s urban forest management program.

These activities include multi-sectorial tree planting, celebration of the World Environment Day, launching of the Tree of Life, the Tree Cart parade and exhibit, celebration of World Day, National Arbor Day, and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, among other events. – Jordan G. Habbiling