May 29, 2024

The city council approved a resolution reiterating the conduct of the barangay market days in response to the restricted mobility of the public in the wake of the enhanced community quarantine.

The resolution authored by Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan, councilors Michael Lawana, and Philian Weygan-Allan recommends the reactivation of the barangay market day which was institutionalized in 2006.

The barangay market days will help sustain economic activities without compromising public health amid the Covid-19 threat, the resolution states.

The resolution also noted that market days were institutionalized to decongest the main market.

In the ordinance, vendors without stalls in the public market, vendors without permit, and ambulant vendors are given priority should they decide to participate in the barangay market day.

The ordinance stated that the operation of the barangay market day “shall not run contrary with” the operation of any existing satellite market in the barangay or district.

As per the ordinance, the 20 districts of the city are allowed to establish additional satellite markets in certain barangays specified under Article 2 of the ordinance. – Jordan G. Habbiling