March 1, 2024

The city council has approved through Ordinance 16, s. 2020 the proposed schedule of market values for lands in Baguio.
This is in compliance with the directive of the secretary of Finance for the city government to regularly update its schedule of market values and conduct the required general revision of property assessment and classifications. The city government has not revised the schedule of market values since the old rates and classification under Ordinance 101, s. 1995 was passed.
Pursuant to the 1991 Local Government Code, a general revision of real property assessments shall be undertaken by concerned local government units within two years after the effectivity of the Code and every three years thereafter.
Under the ordinance, the real property tax increase rate for commercial lands is 214 percent, residential is 122 percent, while the agricultural, industrial, and mineral lands including special classes of lands for hospital, local water district, cultural, and government owned or controlled corporations engaged in the supply and distribution water and/or generation and transmission of electrical power is 277 percent.
The increase will be on staggered basis for two years with 70 percent to be applied during the first year and the remaining 30 percent on the second year.
Meanwhile, in Ordinance 18, s. 2020, a financial assistance of P200,000 from the 30 percent City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Quick Response Fund was allocated for Laurel, Batangas.
The amount is in addition to the P1.6 million assistance appropriated earlier in Ordinance 07, s. 2020 to be equally distributed to the eight municipalities of Batangas that were affected by the Taal Volcano eruption.
City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña, who visited Batangas to deliver the city’s initial aid, the constituents of Laurel which is also affected by the ash fall are in need of help.
In Resolution 106, s. 2020, public utility drivers and conductors and terminal operators in Baguio were requested to strictly comply with Memorandum Circular 2020-005 of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.
This is in support to the efforts of the Department of Health in containing the possible spread of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in addition to the city’s proactive measure, such as the cancellation of major events that attract crowds.
The circular directs all the PUV drivers and conductors to wear face masks at all times while on duty and for all franchise holders to ensure their compliance and for all terminal operators to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness in their premises and to provide face masks as well as disinfectants or sanitizer dispensers for free to passengers.
Ian Zyron Villanueva Balandang was commended through Resolution 105, s. 2020 for ranking 7th place in the Physical Therapy Licensure Examinations held nationwide on Feb. 2 to 3 with an average rating of 85.70 percent.
Balandang, a graduate of the Pines City Colleges, was recognized for his extraordinary and remarkable feat for bringing honor and pride not only to his family and alma matter, but to the city as well.
The resolution further thanked him for carrying on Baguio’s repute as a producer of topnotchers in various licensure examinations nationwide.
Also commended in Resolution 108, s. 2020 was the Team Balitok motorcycle club for providing voluntary transport services to residents and tourists during the influx of visitors in the city on Dec. 14, 15, 29, and 30 last year.
The resolution stated during the influx of tourist last December when residents and guests experienced long queues and inconveniences at public transport terminals and taxi bays particularly during rush hours brought by traffic congestions, the Baguio-based motorcycle club had voluntarily transported residents and visitors to their residences or hotels for free.
In resolution 100, s. 2010, the City Environment and Parks Management Office and the City Buildings and Architecture Office were asked to conduct a study of the public toilet facilities in the city to conform with international standards as set forth under the Association of Southeast Asean Nations Public Toilet Standard (APTS).
The APTS aims to ensure the quality, comfort, safety, and proper waste management of public toilets in general, and considered to focus on the design and environmental management system, amenities and facilities, cleanliness, and safety as the main criteria which stressed the importance of keeping toilets frequented by tourists to be clean, in good working condition, and well-signposted.
The resolution stressed that public toilets should be seen as a core component of environment design as an added factor of the city’s quality and viability. It should not only consider as a matter of land use, but also an essential design and planning concern to make the city more accessible, inclusive, and convenient for all members of society.
In behalf of the city, Mayor Benjamin Magalong was authorized in Resolution 104, s. 2020 to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Public Works and Highways for the implementation of national funded projects/infrastructures in certain barangays.
These are the constructions of a “P56M barangay building/hall” at Bakakeng Central and the “P37.808M multi-purpose barangay hall” at West Quirino Hill.
Based on the agreement, the projects will be implemented by the city government following the guidelines set by DPWH in its Department Order 62, s. 2018.