July 15, 2024

The city council on Monday has requested in Resolution 186, s. 2021 Mayor Benjamin Magalong to take a second look at the remaining unimplemented demolition orders issued to affected members/homeowners of the Ambiong-Baguio, East Bayan, Brookspoint, Pacdal and Peripheries Federation and the Liteng Pacdal Community Association Inc., all within the Busol watershed.
The Busol watershed was established as a forest reservation through Proclamation 15 on April 27, 1922 by then Governor General Leonard Wood. It is presently one of the few remaining forest reserves and the biggest source of potable water for the city needing extensive plans and actions for its preservation and protection.
On March 23 to 24, the mayor has pursued the demolition of illegal structures within the watershed, which resulted in the demolition of five structures with 11 being spared by a temporary restraining order from the court.
The resolution intends to assist the affected households in recovering and moving on from their dismal experience, including those similarly situated and existing households, and consider their request for segregation of portions they are occupying/claiming.
In a separate resolution, the council has directed the federation and association to initiate the formulation of a land use plan with the help of appropriate offices and agencies to be submitted to the city council for appropriate action, and to the Office of Rep. Mark Go as basis for the filing of a bill for segregation of occupied portions of the watershed.
The city council has requested the City Planning and Development Office to assist the two groups in coming up with their proposed detailed plan for adoption by the council, and to support the formulation of a completed staff work that shall be formulated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
The city council through Resolution 189, s. 2021 has also requested the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples to act on the pending applications for issuance of certificate of ancestral land title of the original inhabitants of the Baguio portion of the Busol watershed.
The resolution cites Liteng-Pacdal Community Association Inc. Resolution 01, s. 2021, which manifests the commitment of the homeowners to help protect the watershed through tree planting, waste management, cleanliness, stoppage of construction of houses and encroachment of areas, and other means; and the March 17, 2021 letter-petition of the Ambiong-Baguio, East Bayan, Brookspoint, Pacdal and Peripheries Federation for the segregation of the Baguio side inhabited portions of the reservation.
In Resolution 184, s. 2021, the body requested the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office-Baguio, concerned city government offices, and owners of structures within Mines View Park to conduct within 30 days a joint relocation survey for verification of encroachment over the area of structures used as stalls by souvenir vendors.
In a separate resolution, the body allows the vendors/souvenir stalls adjacent to Mines View Park to continue conducting their business until the issuance of a notice to cease operation, with condition that the stall owners shall pay all the fees due to the city government.