June 22, 2024

The city council through Resolution 240, s. 2024 has approved the “Baguio Resilient City Tourism Project” endorsed by the City Development Council (CDC) in its Resolution 2024-01, s. 2024, which was submitted by City Mayor Benjamin Magalong to the city council for appropriate action.
The project worth $51,280,000 is specifically for a well-designed and properly maintained sewerage system, which is fundamental in providing public health, preserving the environment, and promoting economic development.
This was decided by the CDC members during their meeting last Jan. 24 after serious consideration and thorough discussion on the findings of the Environment Management Bureau about the poor water quality of the city’s rivers causing record-setting levels of fecal coliform content in both the Balili and Bued Rivers.
Bulk of the cost of the project amounting to $49,540,000 will be from a loan from the Asian Development Bank by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, plus an additional fund counterpart from the city government of $1,150,000 and Tieza of $590,000.
This will be included in the list opriority projects under the First Annual Investment Plan for 2024, which was approved through Resolution, 130 s. 2014, subject to the submission of all the required supporting documents.
The city council has approved Resolution 241, s. 2024 requesting the City Permits and Licensing Division to issue business permits to qualified stationary vendors at Wright Park in the wake of the polishing of an ordinance governing the collection of the environment use of area fee.
The resolution supplements earlier requests for the City Treasury Office “to hold in abeyance the collection of EUA fees and the imposition of interests and penalties to the stationary vendors at Wright Park; and for the City Legal Office “to determine if there is a legal basis for the collection of EUA fee from all stationary vendors at Wright Park, Burnham Park, People’s Park, Bayan Park, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, and its vicinity.”
The EUA fee is similar to the environmental fee collected from the visitors of certain parks/areas within the city mandated under the Environment Code, only that it would be collected from the vendors for their privileged use for their livelihood inside the identified parks/areas.
Upon recommendation of the committee on market, trade, commerce and agriculture, the city council in Resolution 246, s. 2024 has approved the use of Malcolm Square or People’s Park as the official venue for the “Labor Day Kadiwa Farmers’ Market 2024” from April 26 to 30.
In the resolution, while the activity is a presidentially mandated component of the national celebration of Labor Day on May 1, its main objective is to help the Baguio-based farmers by highlighting the excellent quality of locally-grown produce and providing a venue where these goods would be sold at reasonable prices without the additional costs imposed by middlemen.
The resolution also waived the rental, electricity, and special permit fees to be paid by the participants as the program will benefit the constituents of the city.
Upon recommendation of the committee on youth welfare and sports development, the city council has authorized through Resolution 117, s. 2024 the holding of the “Mercury Drug Foundation Non-Communicable Disease Walk for Awareness” on May 12.
The activity is an annual event organized by Mercury Drug Foundation and Without Limits Consultancy, Inc. conducted since 2014 in different locations from Manila to Cebu, Laguna, and in Baguio City in 2018.
The activity is a much-awaited event every year and has been gathering more than 2,000 participants who were provided medical information and fun-filled post-walk activities.
In Resolution 245, s. 2024, the city council has urged all authorized government depository bank branches in the city to enhance security with signature verification for barangay-issued checks by contacting the punong barangays before encashment.
This is a suggested preventive measure against the misuse and abuse of fund disbursements for the said banks to employ additional safeguards beyond their customary security protocols.
It includes the establishment of a supplementary verification mechanism that mandates the inclusion of the PB’s valid and registered contact number, which shall serve as a means for banks to communicate with the PB and verify the authenticity of their signature on the checks and accompanying requisite documents.
Copies of the resolution were provided to all the branches in the city, the Commission on Audit; the city’s Treasury Office, Budget Office, and Accounting Office; and other relevant government agencies for their information and appropriate action.
Through Resolution 244, s. 2024, the city council commended Dr. Maria Catbagan-Aplaten on her appointment as the regional director of the Department of Social Welfare and Development-Cordillera on April 12 before DSWD Sec. Rex Gatchalian at the Batasan Complex.
In joint Resolution 243, s. 2024, the city council expressed condolences of the officialdom and constituency of the City of Baguio to the bereaved family of the late Teresita “Tess” de Guzman, former kagawad and an outstanding PB of Pinget, who passed away on April 11.
She served her barangay for over 24 years with unwavering dedication, leaving an enduring legacy of progress and welfare enhancement, and particularly supported women’s involvement in horticulture and related livelihood activities.