June 24, 2024

The city council members on Monday initially discussed with resource persons the letter request dated May 18 of Mayor Benjamin Magalong for an authority to enter into a memorandum of agreement in behalf of the city government of Baguio with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the rehabilitation, development, modernization, and utilization of the Gov. Pack Road terminal covered by Original Certificate of Title 1.
OCT 1 in the name of the Insular Government (national government) consists an area of more or less 299,083 square meters.
As per the draft copy of the MOA, the contemplated project for the full development of the subject property includes the design, development, construction and operation of high-density multi-use area for Baguio within the portion of OCT 1.
It meant to serve the public by providing a modern, convenient, and organized mass transit public terminal and to generate income for both national and local governments.
Under the proposed MOA, DENR is obligated to review and approve the site development plan for the project, including the detailed engineering plans, cost estimates, and specifications prepared by the city government within the prescribed period as provided for by law.
On the other hand, the city government shall: Secure building and cutting permits and environment clearance certificate; Notify the present lessees or occupants of the implementation of the project; Responsible for the demolition of infrastructures, clearing of the project site, and proper waste disposal; Secure premises free from informal settlers upon the effectivity of the agreement; Remit annually to the Bureau of Treasury the national government’s share derived from the net revenue of the project; and voluntarily surrender possession together with all the existing improvements thereon and vacate the same in favor of the DENR upon expiration of the agreement without need of demand.
A management committee composed of the city mayor as chairperson, the DENR regional executive director as co-chairperson; and the DENR-CAR chief of Licenses Patents and Deeds Division, the City Building and Architecture Officer, and the City Planning and Development Officer as members who shall create a secretariat that will provide administrative and technical support.
Net profits shall be equally shared by both parties, and the agreement shall be effective for 25 years and renewable for another 25 years upon mutual consent of the parties.
Transcripts of the discussions on the matter was furnished to the City Mayor’s Office for its reference in revising the proposed MOA taking into consideration the comments and manifestations of the city council members as well as the concerns and suggestions aired by the affected tenants and concessionaires as to their engagement and participation in planning stage, formulation of a win-win policy for both the parties and the lessees, transparent implementation of the project, and fair and just accommodation and prioritization of original and faithful lessees or concessionaires, among other things.
In addition, the city council has requested DENR-CAR for the titles, list of informal settlers and tenants, and all subject structures occupying areas within the OCT 1 that would be affected by the proposal.
Meanwhile, the body through Resolution 266, s. 2022 approved the proposed master development plan of the Social Welfare and Development Complex located at Balenben, Irisan, subject for funding.
The plan covers the Bahay Pag-asa (formerly Social Development Center), the youth auditorium, the retirement home for the elderly; and the halfway home for other clients such as senior citizens, vagrants, and victims of violence against women and children.
In Resolution 276, s. 2022, the City Health Services Office was asked to make available at all times a wheelchair at the City Hall clinic for the use of the public like senior citizens and persons with disability, when necessary, while transacting with the various offices in the City Hall.
“The availability of a wheelchair within the premises of the building is a proactive effort to look after the convenience of clients and the public visiting or in case of emergency where a wheelchair is necessary.”
The resolution also requested a clinic nurse be always present and available at the clinic during working hours.