June 17, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has appealed for more discipline on the waste disposal practices in the city.

“If we can be more involved and more concerned on the manner we dispose our discards from segregating and packing down to the time they make it to the garbage trucks then we can be of great help to our garbage collectors and our city,” the mayor said.

General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan said they need more cooperation especially in tourist and commercial areas.

“In the residential areas, we have less problems because of fairly high compliance of the residents to the rules but the really problematic areas are the central business district and in our tourist spots where people are converging,” Buyucan said.

He appealed to owners of accommodation and other business establishments to exert more effort in observing proper segregation and wrapping and to obey the prescribed schedule of bringing out of their garbage.

“With the increase in population, in and out migration of students and visitors, we really cannot expect 100 percent compliance but we have to give our best.”

He said the plea also applies to residents whose compliance level, although high, is still wanting.

“One of problems of garbage management is discipline. Our mental frame is basura lang yan, bahala na mga basurero dyan. We have to have a change in our mindset as what our mayor has kept on saying. We have to have the right mental frame: good waste management is rooted to the culture of the people,” he said.

“Residents need to cooperate more. As the primary waste generators, we should have community concern. If not, kahit gaano kasipag ating mga waste collectors, wala rin. Our garbage collectors deserve some dignity and they need our help. Their job is not easy working rain or shine, with no holidays or day-offs,” he said.

Buyucan said their current estimate shows that each person generates at least one-half kilogram of refuse daily with the daily total waste production at 400 tons. Of the total, 170 to 175 tons are hauled out to the Capas engineered sanitary landfill.

The GSO only has around 60 waste collectors in its plantilla, augmented by 140 volunteer pickers.

He said as per policy, barangay officials are in charge of ensuring wastes are properly segregated and collection points are cleaned after collection. They also must ensure the designated collection time is followed and that the collection of left-out wastes is coordinated with the GSO.

“Let’s comply not only for our sake but for the sake of those managing our wastes like our barangay officials and our garbage collectors. Again, we need everyone’s help,” Buyucan said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo