July 22, 2024

City Environment and Parks Management Office (Cepmo) Head Rhenan Diwas is calling for more participants in the Saleng Festival “Forest in a Cart” as registration ends on June 20.

Interested individuals or groups may still register for the “Rolling Forests, Tree Cart Parade” contest up to 5 p.m. of June 20 at the Cepmo, city hall or online at [email protected].

Inquiries may also be coursed through 0917-415-8224 or 0910-532-8139.

Fifteen participants have so far registered for the contest set on June 25.

These are the Taloy Sur Irrigators Association from Tuba, Benguet; Mark Henry Chinayo (Igorot’s Tribe MC), Fredaline Zarate-Burcao, Hector Chamos, all of La Trinidad, Benguet; Pinget Rural Improvement Club (PRIC), Smith Valley Agricultural Cooperative of  Pinsao, Mabelline Landscaping Services, Noel Buhong/WoodRock and Flowers group and Larry Hacoco Landscaping and Riprapping jobs, both of Camp 7; CRAFARM/Freddie Ciano of Irisan; Zaparita gardens and Plantita/Plantito Association of Burnham Park, Rovelyn Mayat-at of Asin; Easter College and the University of the Cordilleras, all of Baguio City.

For those still interested to register, the guidelines provide the tree cart must be an open wagon with two or four wheels, with a dimension of one meter by one meter. If the cart is circular, the diameter must not exceed 120 centimeters.

The tree cart must mount trees, either a living miniature of the pine or the mossy forest, two important types of Philippine forests in the Cordillera.

No artificial plant should be displayed on the cart.

The name of the participant/organization must be on the cart that must join the parade on June 25 and displayed at Malcolm Square from June 25 to July 2.

Cart owners/participants are requested to regreen a portion of Burnham Park after the parade.

The tree cart parade entries will be scored based on the accuracy, creativity, originality, and details in presenting the pine or mossy forest and quality of trees and plants used. 

The design and appearance of the tree cart will be based on the design, quality of construction and durability of the cart, color combination, with emphasis on the use of recycled materials, and overall visual impact and appeal. 

The judges will add the scores for both criteria to get the final score for each entry, with a maximum score of 100 points. The entries with the highest scores will be declared the winners of the competition.

The champion will receive P50,000 while the second and third places will receive P30,000 and P20,000 respectively, with trophies and plaques of appreciation.

Special prizes will be given for the best use of recycled materials, most creative design, and most realistic representation of the chosen type of forest.

The tree cart parade highlights the importance of trees as a vital part of the ecosystem and the role they play in mitigating climate change, and an excellent way to showcase the ingenuity of the community while promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, it was stated in the general guidelines for the Pine tree festival. – Julie G. Fianza