July 25, 2024

My theme song is “My Jinji” by the band Sunset Rollercoaster.
Jinji originated with Antonio Carlos Jobim, a ‘60s bossa nova singer who created the song “Dindi.” However, in the 1970s, a soul singer named Jon Lucien covered the song, changing the pronunciation to “Jinji.” From the context, I believe “jinji” means “baby.” As a result, “My Jinji” is translated as “My Baby.” The song revolves on the narrative of a couple who realized they were in love and things didn’t work out, and as a result of their experiences, they discovered they have the ability to travel back in time to rediscover each other.
But facts and history aside, why is this track my all-time favorite? I know tons of good songs that could be better than this. There is a lot to love in this song.
The bass of this song is too good to even exist. I am not a pro but if the bass makes you feel something, you can bet on it that the bass you’re listening to is the most incredible thing your soul has ever felt. The vocals in this song are made out of emotions.
It’s supposed to make you feel what the narrator felt as he tells a story of his baby and all her glory. If this song was aiming for emotional impact, then it definitely hit the bullseye.
Despite my love for this song, I still have some issues with it. Yes, even my theme song has a flaw; and that is only it has no outro. But thinking outside the box, maybe it’s symbolism. Maybe it has no ending, like life is. Maybe the singer doesn’t get over his lost jinji. However, its flaws make this song even more alive.
This song represents me, just like your favorite songs represent you. Although this song is immortal, I am not. So I trust my soul to rest beside this song when I die. I want my corpse to be cremated and become a vinyl record of this song. Because I want my loved ones to know that they are all my jinji and without them I would cry.You should always remember, only you can conquer time. (RO-EH ISRAEL A. LAYGO)