May 26, 2024

No death directly related to the Covid-19 vaccines has been recorded in the city as of Sept. 19, according to the City Health Service Office.
The city has administered a total of 304,353 doses as of Sept. 18 and has fully vaccinated 127,811 persons or 45.48 percent of the city’s eligible population of 18 years old and above. 
Of the 374 deaths recorded since the start of the vaccination last March 2 up to Sept. 15, 10 or 2.674 percent were vaccinated while 364 or 97.326 percent were unvaccinated.
City Health Officer Rowena Galpo said the death incidents involving vaccinated persons in the city undergo intensive investigation by the Regional Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee (RAEFIC) composed of specialists on vaccinology, infectious diseases and allergy.
The committee AEFI gathers every week to deliberate on the death incident involving a vaccinated person to determine and establish whether or not the death was caused by the vaccine. The findings will then be reviewed and validated by the national AEFIC.
The experts use not only one but several gauges or bases in their investigations.
The World Health Organization said while the vaccines help lower the chances of developing severe symptoms or dying, some people still die but most likely this is due to factors such as age risks and comorbidities.
The CHSO said the death incidence decreased considerably after the city rolled out its vaccination program for senior citizens or A2 in the vaccination priority list and persons with comorbidities. – Aileen P. Refuerzo