May 28, 2024

In our ongoing struggle against the Covid-19, here’s some good news for a change: Mayor Benjie Magalong and Rep. Mark Go on Jan. 26led other city, barangay, and Department of Public Works and Highways officials during the ground breaking ceremonies of a multipurpose building complex at Irisan barangay amounting to more than P42 million and expected to be finished this year.
City Building and Architecture Officer Arch. Johnny Degay said similar one-of-a-kind multi-million structures at varying costs are ongoing at Quirino Hill, Bayan Park, Engineer’s Hill, and Bakakeng Central barangays. More are in the pipeline for the Summer Capital’s other barangays depending on the availability of funds. Degay said since the projects were nationally funded, their designs are spearheaded by the DPWH in collaboration with CBAO.
The mayorthanked several senators who separately facilitated the funding for the projects at Quirino Hill, Bakakeng Central, and Irisan, and Pagcor for those at Engineer’s Hill and Bayan Park.He stressed, however, it is the people’s money that was used for the projects that is why “we should congratulate ourselves for paying our taxes.”
The mayor assured the public that under his leadership there is no SOP or “under the table” transactions so the entire amount meant for the project will really go for its completion and not lost to corruption. He said any savings will be used to buy furniture and other items needed by the barangay office that will be housed in the complex.
He said the contractors chosen for the projects have also gone through all the proper procedure and that no “palakasan”and other shenanigans were tolerated during the process. The mayor warned the contractors that they will face legal charges and more if they violate any of the contract’s agreements and specifications.
“In the city of Baguio, we practice good governance and do not tolerate any kind of corruption,” he said. Mabuhay!

FYI: Magalong said even just one call from a health professional will make a big difference to a home-quarantined Covid-19 patient. He made the statement during a recent virtual meeting with City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit chief Donna Tubera Panes, other health representatives, and Management Information Technology Division personnel on the city’s free telemedicine platform, “Bantay Covid,” that allows medical doctors to interact with those on home isolation.
The mayor said he has received numerous positive feedbacks from patients who claimed talking with health professionals gives them hope and makes them feel that they are not ignored. On the side of the medical doctors, he said that they are happy to know they could be of help to those on quarantine even if just giving advice and providing words of encouragement.
The mayor thanked the volunteer health workers who have joined the digital platform saying it is a perfect example of bayanihan spirit at its finest. He is encouraging other health professionals to join the program so that more home-quarantined patients can be served and given hope in these trying times.
Also discussed was the possibility of providing non-monetary incentives to encourage more volunteer health professionals to join the digital program.

Here’s “Rise” by Sagar Yadav: “I will rise/ After every fall./ I will rise/ And stand tall./ I will rise/ Over the wall./ I will rise/ Above them all./
Like the sun,/ Which never dies./ Though sets every night,/ Every day it does rise./ Like the ocean/ Whose tides/ Many times they are down,/
But invariably they rise./ Like the trees,/ From seeds they arise,/ And heights great/ They rise and rise./ After falling once,/ Twice and thrice,/ Again and again/ I will rise and rise./ I will rise/ After every fall./ After every fall/ I will rise.”
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.