June 17, 2024

In an effort to combat illegal drug activities, the Northern Luzon Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines through the Tactical Operations Group 2 (TOG 2) of the Philippine Air Force has played a pivotal role in the conduct of marijuana eradication at Mt. Chumanchil, Tinglayan, Kalinga on May 7.

The joint marijuana eradication called Highlander operation resulted in the uprooting and destruction of 1,575 kilograms of dried marijuana and 3,349,500 fully grown marijuana plants within an estimated area of 195,100 square meters and with an approximate value of P861,900,000, marking it as the largest single marijuana eradication in recent history.

The challenging terrain and remote location of Mt. Chumanchil demanded air insertion for effective logistical support, making the role of TOG 2 instrumental in the success of the mission.

Throughout the operation, TOG 2 headed by Group Commander, Col. Glenn Piquero facilitated crucial air operations; including aerial reconnaissance, personnel insertion and extrication and transportation of necessary supplies and equipment using Black Hawk and Huey II helicopters, and ensured safe and efficient airfield control and security during the mission.

The unit also showcased the seamless integration of air support into the complex operation.

The operation, spearheaded by the Special Operations Unit Cordillera and Philippine National Police Drug Enforcement Group in collaboration with various law enforcement agencies and military units, targeted the area identified as a source of illegal drugs that fuel criminal activities in urban areas, particularly Metro Manila.

The joint efforts resulted in a significant blow to the illicit drug trade, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for all.

Nolcom’s unwavering commitment to supporting high-impact operations such as Coplan Highlander underscores its dedication to eradicating illegal drugs and maintaining peace and security in the region.

Nolcom Commander, Lt/Gen. Fernyl Buca, commended the successful collaboration among various agencies involved in the operation as well as the efficient use of air assets highlighting the capabilities and professionalism of TOG 2 in contributing to law enforcement efforts against illicit drug activities. – Press release