July 24, 2024

The National Nutrition Council is focusing on the reduction of stunting and the role of good nutrition in Covid-19 prevention as it leads the observance of the 48th Nutrition Month.
NNC-Cordillera Coordinator Rita Papey said this year’s theme “Batang Pinoy, sana tall, iwas stunting, sama all!” expresses the aspiration of Filipino families to have children who are able to achieve their fullest potential.
She said stunting or being too short for one’s age indicates undernutrition, which remains a concern in the country and in the region.
Papey said the Regional Nutrition Committee targets to reduce the stunting prevalence from 12.07 percent in 2017 to 9.58 percent in 2022 as indicated in the Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022.
At the national level, the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022 targets a reduction of stunting prevalence from 33.4 percent in 2015 to 21.4 percent in 2022.
Results of the 2019 Operation Timbang Plus in the Cordillera showed stunting prevalence was at 10.18 percent per province. Stunting prevalence remains high in Abra with 17.28 percent. Apayao recorded 15.79 percent; Kalinga, 15.62 percent; and Mountain Province, 14.94 percent.
Single digit prevalence rate was recorded in Baguio City, Benguet, and Ifugao with 2.42, 7.50, and 8.03 percent, respectively.
Papey advised the public, especially those staying at home or working from home, to focus on their nutritional needs by ensuring a balanced diet and by being creative in their eating habits. – Carlito C. Dar