February 24, 2024

Heard of the newest hangout of the year? The place is  instagrammable and affordable. It also has a “Mini Christmas Village exhibit” made  by Gaye Vergara and supported by Marlon Blanco over a two month time frame. Conveniently located at 237th Avenue, GAV building, Ground Level, Upper Bonifacio Road, you can easily take a jeepney or taxi to get there.

 For those craving for hot and cold milk teas, this is the place to go, called Kurumi Milk Tea Bar. Mga BesTEAS, halina kayo! It’s the first stop as you enter the building.

Kurumi is a Japanese term which according to Google means “to come, to arrive “to a place or to bring something or someone to a place. It can also come from the Japanese anime female character Kurumi Tokisaki who has extraordinary powers like manipulating time with the assistance of her clones.

Whichever way you want to understand it, the place is unique, The walls of the place has the beautiful design of  black and white cartoon characters, which are instagrammable. The place is also pet friendly, provided the pets are wearing their diapers.

It offers a variety of hot and cold drinks like wintermelon tea cream cheese, Kohi series of latte, mocha, and caramel. There is also strawberry and Macha cream cheese and yogurt drinks. Not to mention fruit teas with pearls or “bobas,” like passion fruit with lychee. The sugar grade level is also measured according to your taste: zero percent, 25 percent, 50 percent, or 100 percent. “The balls or pearls are what give the drink its name, as they are meant to be sucked on like bubbles.”

Milk teas originated in Taiwan, brought by the Dutch in the 17th Century. The Kurimi Tea Bar is owned by the third generation Vergaras: Ysabel, Alyssa, Annika, Carlo, Tres, Joaquin, Nikka and Zaza, millennials and Gen. Zs themselves. For more information, please contact 0966-201-8556. You can now order via Grab and the place is Wifi ready. Bet n’yo?

And for the hungry millennials and Gen Zs or even baby boomers or senior citizens like us, there is another place in the inner part of the building called “Diner at 237th” which offers affordable and mouth-watering dishes for lunch and snacks like cheeseburgers, chicken fajitas, French fries, liempo, beef pares, Gyudon, pesto and  Bolognese pasta.

GAV building is under the stewardship of Mia Vergara.

An added attraction is the “Mini Christmas Village exhibit” done and curated by Gaye Vergara assisted by Marlon Blanco. (Photos by Kurimi Tea Bar and 237th Diner) – Stella Maria L. de Guia