December 7, 2023

The year is half gone, and only yesterday we were singing “Auld Lang Syne,” even if we missed the fireworks.
The Covid-19 was with us and is still here. Before the vaccines came, we all wondered how many more of us will the disease visit and take.
Not that it won’t take any more. Happily, the vaccines provide some hope of “longer life.”
But on the dark side, there are variants and variants of a deadlier kind.
Nothing has changed, and the rules remain the same – stay home, wear your mask, get vaccinated.
No guarantees, however.

Our wish for a better life feints with every passing day. All we now pray for is that the pandemic disappears from our lives so we can get back on our feet and start life afresh.
For most elderly folks, many won’t get to see the end, much less the beginning of a new start.
The pandemic may be Chinese manufactured, but if the Almighty wills, it might be gone before we know it.
We truly need the help of the heavens, and the only way to get it is to pray and repent.
Sure, the politicians can fool the voters, but no way can they nor us fool God.

The e-bingo operators have decided to withdraw their petition to operate online bingo in the city, sans explanation.
I surmise that they did so out of confusion.
Earlier, City Hall top brass were saying gambling is immoral and should be banned from a Catholic and peaceful city like ours. Great.
Later in the day, (as per their claim), the operators had a video of the mayor speaking to a different audience, that bingo isn’t really that bad, and in fact could generate more income for the city. Hooray for him who has the ability to eat his cake and have it too.
But if gambling is immoral, let’s put a stop to jueteng, to lotto, and let’s close all the casinos and cockpits.
No? I am the one confused.

Pacquiao can knock out Spencer and all his other opponents after, and even if he is able to present solid proof of corruption in the Duterte administration, there is no way I will vote for him for president.
To me, it is a simple case of kapal-muks.
It’s bad enough that an unschooled person like him is in the Senate, and now he wants to become president?
I implore every college student and graduate to campaign against Pacquiao.
What will you tell your son or daughter that he or she should go to college to have a better chance of being a success in life, and either one answers that college is irrelevant since the head of state didn’t even finish an elementary education.
Besides, Pacquiao is just making waves.
Corruption? Tell us something new please, alam na namin ‘yan.
Bakit ‘di mo sabihin na susugpuin mo ang korapsyon at hindi ka at inyong mga supporters mangangorakot.
Gayahin mo na lang kaya si Dolphy.
Sa ngayon, para kang si Erap at PNoy – walang kai-kaibigan, daang matuwid.
Anong linya mo, boy?
Tapos na ang bayan at hindi ang boksing kapag nagago mo ang mga botante.

Believe it or not, TV comedian Bill Cosby
has been released from custody, (the complainants were women, Cosby’s lawyer too.)
On appeal, his conviction by a lower court has been reversed by the Supreme Court on a technicality.
The question is – How many innocent “rapists” are there in jail, and how many rapists are out enjoying their undeserved freedom?
Like the playboy of Davao.
Hey, the smoldering Taal volcano has engulfed Metro Manila with smog.
Why just fog, why not fire and brimstone ala Sodom and Gomorrah.
Isn’t that where Sec. Francisco Duque, the PhilHealth officials, and Manny Pacquiao hold office?
Also, where Malacañang Palace and the House of Representatives are located, as are Camps Crame and Aguinaldo.

The Gilas kids gave basketball powerhouse Serbia a scare until the breaks went against them.
Until the last two minutes of the game, the Gilas – I repeat the Gilas kids, not PBA swellheads, were in the thick of the fight.
Scrap the PBA, and put the UAAP and NCAA back on track.

A Go-Duterte team-up is in the works. Frankly, I think it’s just to keep the dogs from ganging up on Sara who, like I said, following her dad’s tactics, will run for President when the time comes.
Bong Go should make a quick denial.
Kasi, Chinese siya, at sa ngayon, galit tayo sa China.
Kinuha ang ating pag-aari sa South Sea, at inadvance-an tayo ng bayad na Covid-19.
Biro lang po. Sabi nga ni President Rody, joke lang.