March 3, 2024

Nonnette C. Bennett
The challenges of 2020 will be felt in all aspects of life for the next year.
There has been no other time in the past when the uncertainty of the future was magnified. Creating and reinventing means to earn a living is of utmost urgency or taking the opportunities for providing the needs of the day are the new orders of the Covid-19 times.
The Rotary Club of Baguio North led by President Maylene Lopez and the board of directors have joined the international launch of the new Rotary Year 2020- 2021 with kick off activities with the theme, “Rotary Opens Opportunities,” on July 1.
The urban garden inspired by District 3790 governor Jesus Sama was the focus for the year. The backyard gardens will provide food for the families and the opportunity to share the produce with other neighbors or families. With the new normal of staying at home, many individuals have found gardening as a productive activity for food or enjoyment. The RCBN will engage in a joint greenhouse project to produce vegetables and herbs to raise funds for other programs of the club.
The opportunity to keep workers safe while working came with sharing 500 face masks. The washable masks were given to service workers in restaurants, gasoline stations, store helpers, street sweepers, security guards, media, and non-health frontline personnel who must buy their own face masks. This service was for disease prevention during the modified general community quarantine days as businesses slowly reopen.
The opportunity to serve 110 underprivileged children a fried chicken meal after more than three months of quarantine was also accomplished. The children from 70 families at Dontogan barangay were beneficiaries of the Breakfast feeding for Learning, Inc. organized by Pacita Panaguiton and the mothers of the children. The children were fed lunch daily during school days until the quarantine suspended classes on March 16. According to Panaguiton, it was the first time for many of the children to eat the popular chicken joy meal.
Other rotary clubs in Baguio and La Trinidad also made their presence felt on July 1 in the delivery of a biological testing machine by RC Metro Baguio led by President Jerry Chan andpersonal protective equipment to checkpoint frontliners, blankets and wheelchairs to medical facilities by the RC Baguio Sunrise led by Cecile Apostol. The clubs continue the century-old motto, “Service Above Self”, in the activities conducted for the community.
These are only a few of the opportunities that will extend long after Covid-19 challenges.