June 21, 2024

Being a proud parent of a lovely and intelligent 22-year-old daughter (who thankfully took after her mom), one of this near-sighted Ibaloy writer’s wishes for 2023 is that our national and local leaders will continue to prioritize the formulation and funding of more long-term programs that would benefit our children in terms of their health, education, values and other needs since they represent our country’s future.
Like it or not, those of us belonging to the Greatest, Baby Boomers and Gen X generations are quickly fading into the sunset (dying, in other words) and it will be the millennials, Gen Z and future generations who will take over the reins of our beloved archipelago of delicious coconuts and smiling carabaos.
With this as an obvious inevitability, it behooves our leaders and even ourselves as parents to make sure that the education and health given our children, grandchildren, etc. be more than adequate or better yet, of the highest quality possible so our young ones can become the best that they can be.
With this in mind, it is truly disheartening to learn from various news sources, if true, that our nation’s youth pales in comparison to those of neighboring countries when it comes to reading comprehension and math skills. More Filipino children, in general, also allegedly suffer from stunting (not reaching their height potential) due to nutrition deficiencies as compared to children in other countries.
If these aren’t reasons enough to convince our honorable leaders in doing more for the health and education of our youth, then I don’t know what will. Maybe we should start reminding ourselves that our nation’s greatest resource is its people. And if greater investments are not made or more long-term projects are not implemented for the health, education and over-all welfare of Pinoys, then I’m afraid our nation can’t expect to get out of its third world status and compete with other countries that have prioritized the education and health of their citizens.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.