April 23, 2024

1. A ranking officer was not pressured to issue a statement in support of a mayor who was unfairly accused of defending the cause and advocacy of the rebels.

2. There is truth to the allegations by concerned citizens that there are favored contractors who are given multi-million projects through ‘rigged biddings’.

3. The mushrooming of buskers, cosplayers, and mascots at CBD is already a ‘nuisance’, especially for pedestrians who often get trapped in a sea of people.

4. The increasing number of street performers is not giving a bad name to legit and talented performers as many have turned themselves into glamorized beggars.

5. A department head’s gains in beautifying parks will not be overshadowed by the caprices of his appointing authority when budget insertion is needed.

6.  Two officials who project themselves as fiscalizers are like dogs with their tails in between their legs since they cannot be good critics in the first place.

7.  A married ranking official is not being rumored to have an affair with his young assistant known for efficient staff work in spite of working under pressure.

8.  This agency that manages reservations thought it is assured of victory in every legal case it will file against civilians after segregating a lot for a DOJ building.

9.  A government official who thinks he will be invisible for a long time, is now deeply bothered with the resumption of ICC’s probe on Duterte’s war on drugs.

10. Horrendous traffic is felt during peak season due to lack of parking spaces, as there are only 2,700 parking slots available based on inventory done by the city.

11. Some individuals who are known supporters of a chief executive are being awarded infrastructure projects even if they do not have the needed equipment.

12. An embattled Igorot general has not been visible to the public recently after the DOJ announced more criminal and plunder charges are being readied against him.