April 13, 2024

The existing ban on the use, sale, and manufacture of firecrackers in the city will be strictly implemented to prevent injuries caused by legally and illegally bought pyrotechnics in the city.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the city government is maintaining its long-running stance based on Ordinance 144, s. 1951 amended by Ordinance 53, s. 2009.

The ordinance prohibits the sale and explosion of firecrackers and fireworks within the city limits except on special occasions such as fiestas, celebration of important events for which a written permit is granted by the city mayor.

To discourage people from using firecrackers, the city had in the past years organized a community fireworks display to prevent possible accidents aside from minimizing smoke emission caused by the firecrackers.

This year, the city prepared a New Year’s Countdown program at the Melvin Jones which is expected to include a fireworks display.

Ordinance 53 s. 2009 states: “There shall be a total ban at all times in the city of all kinds of firecrackers prohibited by the national law.”

The prohibited firecrackers include big triangle, rebentador (5-star), watusi, pla-pla, pillbox, mother rocket, og, firecrackers without labels, and others of similar nature. 

Considered legal firecrackers are bawang, baby rocket, small triangle, Judas Belt, pulled firecracker, sparklers, luces, jumbo regular and special, Roman Candle, trompillo, whistle bomb, sky rocket or kwitis, and all other equivalents. – Aileen P. Refuerzo