April 17, 2024

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan wants transport groups to be more diligent in enforcing the rules on the use of facemask and physical distancing on drivers, barkers, conductors, and passengers.
Olowan has moved to amend Ordinance 53-20 that prescribed new normal of operations in transportation facilities and workplaces to ensure stricter implementation of the rules in public transport.
The proposed amendatory ordinance sought to impose the following on all jeepney operators and drivers associations and managements of bus terminals:
Ensure at all times that their drivers, barkers, conductors, employees, and passengers are properly wearing face masks and maintaining physical distancing when queuing;
Post signages to remind passengers and their employees to observe the health and safety rules at the terminal premises; and
Designate safety officer/s to remind passengers of the health and safety rules and to monitor their compliance. In addition, safety officer/s must take the temperature of passengers.
Non-compliance by the jeepney operators and drivers associations and management of bus terminals shall merit a fine of P500 on first offense; P1,000 on second offense; and P2,000 on succeeding offenses.
The Baguio City Police Office and the Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of Baguio-Benguet shall be tasked to implement the ordinance and shall coordinate with the City Health Services Office in relation to other health and safety standards when necessary.
Olowan said lack of frequent monitoring results in numerous violations, especially at jeepney and bus terminals.
“To be able to fully implement Ordinance 53-2020, there is a need to strengthen its enforcement by providing for duties and functions of the transport group,” Olowan said.
The proposed amendatory ordinance was approved on first reading and was referred to the city council committee on health and sanitation, ecology, and environmental protection for review. – Jordan G. Habbiling