February 9, 2023

The city council has requested Mayor Benjamin Magalong to task the City Veterinary Office to conduct a consumer fair in view of the plantito and plantita fever in the city.

In a resolution, councilors Michael Lawana and Isabelo Cosalan said the proposed activity aims to recognize and appreciate all plant enthusiasts who make good use of their time and energy during the quarantine period through gardening and landscaping.

These activities have become incredibly popular among the residents in the city, some of whom even profited from growing plants, Lawana added.

The councilors said the people’s newfound love for plants has become a source of joy to many amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These activities, which can be done indoors, outdoors, or even virtually, can make people and those they share the joy with feel better,” Lawana said.

Lawana and Cosalan expressed support to residents engaged in the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants, stressing it is an effective way to break the monotony of the daily routine and to fend off the negative effects of social isolation.

They proposed the event be called Plantito/Plantita Fever-Ornamental Plants Enthusiast Consumer Fair to be conducted at the Malcolm Square/People’s Park on Dec. 10 to 12. They suggested allocating 20 booths to the 20 barangay districts of the city, with each booth represented by a plantito/plantita.

Plantito/plantita is a coined term combining plant and tito/tita. It refers to an individual who has taken a liking to collecting and cultivating ornamental plants. Some prefer to be called “plant parents” as it is a gender-neutral term. – Jordan G. Habbiling