February 24, 2024

The Philippine Military Academy recently celebrated its 125th foundation anniversary highlighted with the recognition of distinguished officers, personnel, and human civilian resources, and with  the call on the cadets, officers and personnel of the PMA to level up their skills and education amid the changing times and the challenges.

Department of National Defense Sec. Gilberto Teodoro Jr. and PMA Superintendent Lt/Gen. Rowen Tolentino led the awarding of plaques during the program held at the Fort Gregorio Del Pilar on Oct. 21.

Awardees include Lt/Col. Reynan Afan who was recognized as the Senior Military Officer of the Year, Captain Mark Glenn Ruelos as the Junior Military Officer of the Year, Major Rominick Gaspar as the Military Instructor of the Year, TSg. Joseier Maddawat who is the Senior Enlisted Personnel of the Year, and SN1 Ronolfo Mercado as the Junior Enlisted Personnel of the Year. 

Civilian employee- awardees were Johnson Kayachen as the Civilian Instructor of the Year, Joydee Tayaban as the Model Civilian Supervisor of the Year, Erlinda Biscocho as the Model Civilian Employee of the Year Award (level 2), and Shirley de Vera as the Model Civilian Employee of the Year Award (level 1). 

The PMA also recognized other stakeholders including Department of Public Works and Highways-Cordillera Director Khadaffy Tanggol, Civil Service Commission-CAR Director Fernando Mendoza represented by Atty. Allyson Locano, the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course represented by Cpt. Francis Alfie Tuazon, AFP Mutual Benefits Association, Inc. Head Area and Branch Division B/Gen. Ferdinand Rivera, and Fort Del Pilar Station Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant Dr. Romeo Abiog.

Tolentino assured the premiere military institution continues to produce equipped and educated leaders in response to the changing times, as he presented to the public and commended the men and women of the PMA who continue to hone the cadets into becoming future leaders of the nation.

“After 125 years, PMA remains strong in its mandate towards producing military leaders through character, academic, military and physical development. This combination of knowledge and skills will equip the graduates with valuable attributes that will hone them to perform their roles as leaders of character, combatants, military professionals, managers of resources, and supporters of national development,” Tolentino said.

He added the PMA has gone far in terms of infrastructure, equipment, facilities enhancement, systems and process improvements, personal re-tooling and training, and curriculum development.

The Academy recognizes the need to adapt to various changes in the security landscape but one thing remains constant, and that is upholding the time-honored tradition of the honor system. It binds the cadets and serves as a guiding spirit in every cadet action.

In his keynote message, Teodoro called on the cadets, officers and personnel of the PMA to level up their skills and education with the changing times and the challenges being faced in the country and the world.

“We see conflicts in the Middle East, we see conflicts in Europe itself and we see challenges in our own society. Not merely internally but more important the looming challenges to our territorial integrity and sovereignty. These are the challenge that not only the PMA must live up to and to face but the whole establishment of both the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Department of National Defense,” he said.

“It will need new paradigms, new processes, new systems, and the new brand of soldier. Both officers and equally important our enlisted personnel and our civilian human resource component. We have to up-skill our skills not merely skills but also develop knowledge and skills through your experience after you graduate from this Academy and up to now you will be subjected to competition every day,” he added.

While at PMA, the Secretary took time to check on the different facilities and equipment inside the Academy. He also visited the World War II exhibit by the Philippine Veterans Bank and made time to meet the different stakeholders of the PMA. – Redjie M. Cawis