May 27, 2024

An official of the Philippine Military Academy has found herself explaining to the city council a deal made by its corps of cadets after a former laundry service provider complained his company has been unceremoniously eased out in favor of a Pampanga-based company, Visitora Trading Corporation.

In the May 10 session of the city council, Baguio-Benguet Laundry Service Cooperative (BBLSC) Chair Joseph Latonero said employees of laundry service providers lost their jobs when PMA decided to let only one service provider to wash the laundry of cadets, instead of retaining the former setup of letting the cadets choose from the eight companies providing laundry services.

PMA Staff Judge Advocate, Lt./Col. Maria Elena Esteban, said PMA has nothing to do with the selection of a service provider. 

She said the cadet corps decided to choose a single laundry service provider after a survey among cadets showed many were not satisfied with the services provided, such as delayed delivery of clothes, unsanitary wash area, and improperly washed garments, among other reasons.

She said the setup now is covered by a contract and fixed rates. The former service providers earned an average of P1.2 million monthly, according to Latonero.

Esteban said the losing service providers were not unceremoniously eased out, as they were advised to form a cooperative and submit their business proposal. But some of the providers did not submit a proposal, while the BBLSC was only formed recently.

As the PMA also had to regulate the entry of civilians into the camp due to the threats of the Covid-19, the academy provided a laundry station inside the camp, which the current service provider rents.

The contract of the current service provider is valid until the end of the year.

The city council advised the BBLSC to submit their proposal when the laundry contract ends. – Rimaliza A. Opiña