April 23, 2024

Poland Ambassador to the Philippines Jaroslaw Szcepankiewicz and Minister Anna Krzak-Danel announced their upcoming projects in the country.

Szcepankiewicz said in the coming weeks, two teams of diplomats will be coming from Poland to determine, which schools and agricultural areas require development and should be slated for more projects.

Szcepankiewicz and Danel were welcomed by the Rotary Club of La Trinidad during their visit.

He said developing the Philippines’ economic zones with farmers and agriculture as their main priority.

Szcepankiewicz said they aim to transform the production of food and storage alongside their plans of introducing technology into the sales processes of farmers which they believe would allow for direct sales and profit on the side of the farmers as he observed that Filipinos were rather big on the use of smartphones. 

Aside from their main project and focus of agriculture, Szcepankiewicz also spoke of how education should be more accessible and improved in rural areas as he believes “Education is a very valuable thing.”

He shared their interest in creating a community or hybrid library where the youth from rural areas can obtain the education they need to progress further. 

Szcepankiewicz said he also intends to visit the Bangsamoro Region in Mindanao to see if there is anything they can offer in terms of improvement and development in the area. – Bianca Grace Contreras/UB intern