April 14, 2024

BANGUED, Abra – All people entering the province are now required to submit health declaration forms as precautionalty measure versus the Covid-19.
Gov. Jocelyn Bernos clarified that this measure is meant to ensure the safety of Abrenians not, a lockdown of the province.
Following the meeting of the Abra Provincial Interagency Task Force on the Covid-19 on March 12, Bernos issued Executive Order 05 s. 2020 directing residents and those visiting Abra to sign a health declaration form to be submitted at each entry point of the province stating their personal and contact details, including their recent travel history to foreign countries and local cities or provinces in the country in the last three weeks.
Individuals should also declare the illness that affected them in the past month and declare if they are experiencing flu-like or signs and symptoms of the Covid-19.
The EO states that any individual who will refuse to declare those required by the order or who will provide false information shall be dealt with accordingly as provided by law.
The Abra Covid-19 Task Force with the different local government units will establish checkpoints at the different entry points of the province and manned by one each from the municipal and barangay Covid-19 Task Force with the Abra Provincial Police Office.
The task force with the provincial and municipal health offices and other agencies will conduct thermal scanning and other available diagnostic procedures at each entry point to determine individuals who may be considered as persons under monitoring or persons under investigation.
Among the entry points with checkpoints are the Abra-Ilocos Sur Road in Barangay Tangadan, San Quintin; Abra-Ilocos Norte Road in Barangay Nagaparan, Danglas; Abra-Cervantes Road or the Quirino-Dilong Road in Barangay Dilong, Tubo; Abra-Kalinga Road in Barangay Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay; Tubo-San Emilio Road in Barangay Supo, Tubo; Pilar-Ilocos Sur Road in Pilar and the Luba-San Emilio Road in Luba.
Bernos added that curfew will also be strictly imposed where all public and private vehicles bound to the province will not be allowed entry from midnight to 3:59 a.m. Entry of vehicles and individuals will only be allowed from 4 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. but all individuals should be checked and submit the health declaration form.
Bernos also issued EO 04 declaring the suspension of all crowd drawing activities, tourism activities, and meetings and functions in the province effective immediately.
Activities which are suspended include fiestas, school reunions, family reunions, athletic events, and all merriment and mass gathering or assembly.
Routinary activities such as grocery shopping, market day and the like are not included in the suspension provided that precautionary measures are observed during.
For tourism activities, all tourist groups and guides are directed not to receive guests, be it local or foreign for any purpose, while tourists and other visitors who are now present in the province shall be directed to report to the nearest health facility and be advised to leave the province until the suspension has been lifted.
Bernos also suspended classes effective March 16 in all levels in both private and public schools until further notice.
Activities in schools such as recognition day, graduation or commencement exercises, and all crow-drawing school activities were also suspended until further notice.
The governor called on Abreños to understand and cooperate with the new orders implemented in the province to ensure everybody’s safety. – Redjie M. Cawis