May 24, 2024

The prophecies of Prophet Isaiah were fulfilled through John, Mary, and Jesus.
The promise for the coming of a Savior is not magic. It involved a lot of difficult preparations spanning many generations.
The total number of generations from Abraham to David is 14 generations; from David to the Babylonian exile, 14 generations; from the Babylonian exile to the coming Christ, 14 generations.
The second day of aguinaldo masses presents the genealogy of Jesus.
His genealogy of Jesus is not perfect. It was stained by immoralities. But for the prophecy to become a promise, it took painful preparations.
While reading my column today, identify your genealogy and see how you are related to one another.
I appreciate how the people of Bauko trace their kinship. They gather annually as a family and as a clan. They term relationships as “kareunionan. “They have their way of asking, “Apay karenunionak sika?” to refer to being relatives.
Jesus’ genealogy is narrated in the aguinaldo masses to prove that He did exist; that His genealogy was not perfect and having seen the imperfections and sinfulness of his lineage, he longed for its purification. He did it by loving fraternal corrections, giving up His life and renewing it through His resurrection.
We all want to belong to Jesus’ genealogy which he renewed, hence, the sacrament of baptism. We need to be baptized to call also His Father, our Father.
Jesus was truly human and truly God. As a man he was born of a woman. As a man, he worked with his father Joseph. As a man he laughed and cried too. As a man, he suffered and died. As a God, he gave meaning to suffering and death. They are salvific in effect. He later culminated it by defeating death through resurrection.
There were sinners in Jesus’ lineage. He corrected it through fraternal correction. He did not hate the sinners of his family but healed it with his power. Through his suffering and blood, he purified his lineage. There is no perfect family but yet we can make it holy.
I remember some of my cousins who became alcoholics and eventually ended up as psychotics. I tried my best to call their attention and to help them undergo conversion. But, I realized I was so helpless. They were used to such kind of life so I just prayed for them.
Some of my nieces tried a friendly solution. They visited me at Kilong rectory and discerned to stay longer. I realized that they want to advance in their instrument playing. They learned how to play the bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, beat box and other simple instruments. Through music, they started to change the social environment.
Let’s post another important question, “How can I be a good help in the family?” We read Genesis 49:2, 8-10. “Jacob called his sons and said to them: Assemble and listen, sons of Jacob, listen to Israel, your father.
I love the move of Jacob to call his sons to assemble and listen. A constant healthy dialogue at home especially during meals will make our homes healthy. Our constant praying together will make our families better and stronger.
Let’s make our family a family of musical bonding. A family that sings with their heart in prayer is praying twice.
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