May 23, 2024

The recently staged Sub Baguio Challenge saw Teh Romnick dashing through the finish line in barely two seconds ahead of the second placer on weekend.

Romnick clocked in at one hour, 24 minutes, and 56 seconds (1:24:56) to claim the overall winner title, edging out Wilfred Lelina, Jr. by a hairline, who clocked at 1:24:58 in the 21-kilometer category.

Third placer Rey Mark Quezada clocked at 1:28:57 in the event organized by Team Malaya.

Elizabeth Dangadang topped the female side with a time of 1:51:15, also closely followed by first runner-up Isabel Quipse at 1:51:23 while Edeliza Demot came in as second runner-up with a time of 2:00:18.

Raul Leorex Gaerlan, meanwhile, topped the 50 and above 21-km category at 1:44:10 followed by Geoffrey Perez at 1:46:19 and Esmeraldo Ramos at 1:56:48.

Vinzon Ramos emerged the top winner in the 10-km category with a time of 37 minutes and 42 seconds time (0:37:42) followed by Richard Portman 0:38:04.

The female side saw Cielo Peñaflor as the champion with a time of 0:38:53 followed by Karl Basto at 0:39:01, and Obstacle Course Racing world champion Sandy Abahan at 0:41:20 time.

The female podium finishers also placed third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively, at the overall 10-km record.  

Samuel Bango topped the five-kilometer event followed by Mikhail Johann Koh, T.J. Balonglong, Aerzra Liporada, and Ashley Padawil.

The fun-run at three kilometers was led by Ralph Valenzuela, followed by Leishen Kate, Nicole Solano, Kaila Solonio, and Lance Raven. All top five finishers received prizes and medals during the event that went around Baguio City, where organizers encouraged runners to break their personal record and goals before 2022 ends. – Ofelia C. Empian