March 1, 2024

SAGADA, Mountain Province – The municipal government is looking for young individuals who want to experience working in government offices to submit their applications for the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES).
Human Resource Management Officer and Public Employment Services Officer-Designate Mary Likigan said the LGU is looking for seven individuals for the SPES.
The SPES beneficiaries will work from April to May and will earn P352 per day or P7,000 for their 20-day employment.
Likigan said that the municipal government had been employing 25 to 80 students under the SPES, but the number had been decreasing in recent years.
She said that even if the LGU allots funds for SPES, the allocation is not maximized because few students are applying for the SPES.
She said students prefer to work as tour guides because they can earn a higher salary, which averages to P3,000 per day or higher.
Likigan said that while the LGU may not be able to offer a high salary compared with tour guiding, students who work under the SPES are given the opportunity to experience working in government offices.
Ella Dell Padalla who worked twice under the SPES program described her experience as difficult, but enjoyable.
She was assigned to the LGU’s materials recovery facility, segregating garbage and cleaning in the community.
Padalla said she chose to work under SPES because it gave her the opportunity to learn a lot of things about government work.
She also encouraged students to work under the SPES program to be more adept with community and bureaucratic processes and practices.
The SPES aims to help less fortunate but deserving students, out of school youths, and persons with disability to pursue and continue their education by providing temporary employment during the summer and Christmas breaks.
To qualify for the SPES, students must be currently enrolled and obtained a passing grade while the OSY who are interested for the program should be 15 to 30 years old.
The combined net income of the applicants’ parents should not exceed the regional poverty threshold and students. – Valerie Kate Hidalgo