April 20, 2024

Team Lakay’s rising star Jhanlo Mark Sangiao could not wait for his debut in ONE Championship and is even more inspired by the recent debut of teammate Jeremy Pacatiw.
The 19-year-old mixed martial arts upstart is raring to step inside the circle and show fans what he can do after he and Pacatiw joined Asia’s largest martial arts organization at the same time earlier this year.
Up to now, Sangiao, son of Team Lakay founder, Mark, is still waiting for his opportunity. Nevertheless, he was happy with Pacatiw’s performance and his subsequent victory.
While fans eagerly await for his ONE debut, Sangiao, who took over the “The Machine” moniker from his father, is working extra hard so he can continue Team Lakay’s winning tradition on the global stage.
Honing his skills under his father, Sangiao is making sure his tools are sharpened and ready for war, whenever that call comes.
“I’m working on every facet of my game. I train every day, not because I have to but I love doing it and I enjoy it. It’s a lifestyle. This keeps my motivation high, whether my debut fight is close or still far. I cannot just spot-train, like only striking or only grounds or wrestling. Every athlete here is dangerous and when I face them, I will have to be well-equipped,” Sangiao said.
Like fellow Team Lakay fighters before him, Sangiao is also raring to display the capabilities of their faction’s new generation, as he seeks to live up to the reputation that precedes him, and ultimately prove through action that the future is truly bright for Filipino MMA.
“You can only expect that a more improved Team Lakay breed is coming. We’re all hungry and I, for one, am a hungry warrior, one who is sharpening his skills to deliver a good fight and here to entertain the fans,” Sangiao said. – Harley F. Palangchao