May 19, 2024

Thriftiness is a virtue worth keeping.
Oil price increase has become a hot issue nationwide for few months now. The big time oil price hike has caused the prices of commodities to increase. Inflation is now a problem of almost all people especially the low income families.
The government cannot control the prices of prime commodities. It is up to us citizens to find ways to adapt to the situation we are facing at present.
Being thrifty will surely help us survive the economic crisis. We must learn to use resources properly and economically. We should choose to buy cheap yet quality products. Spending less on non-essentials should also be practiced. Learning to allocate rightly our salary until the next pay out will also be of great help.
Thriftiness is one of the best virtues I learned from my parents, siblings and uncle. They always remind me to use money wisely. They inculcated in my mind the importance of saving even a little from my meager monthly salary for future use. Their advices together with the hardship of life I experienced as a child molded me to become wiser in handling finances.
Some people think that I am stingy but I am not. I am just practical and mindful of my spending habits. Sometimes, I also yield to my desire of buying things I want but I do not allow such to become a habit. I still manage to control my desires for unnecessary things.
We probably heard testimonies of people who became rich but incurred bankruptcy because of over spending. They bought all things they want. They travelled to different places, dined in fine restaurants and lodged in expensive hotels. These developed into a habit until all their resources were exhausted. They regretted afterwards but it was already late.
The Bible also reminds us about the importance of saving. Proverbs 21:20 states that “In the house of the wise are stores choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has”. This simply means that we should spend less than what we earn.
Practicing thriftiness will not guarantee wealth but it will surely spare you from worries of starving because you have ample amount to spend every day. (RIZA A. BUGHONG)