May 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
Is there still some ayuda at the City Hall? I am asking because I didn’t get anything during the lockdown even if I belong to the poor sector that was given ayuda twice but not me. My friends were listed and some included a child in the list so they got more? How does that work? Are they favoring people again?
Josie of Asin Road, Baguio City

Dear Josie,
There is indeed much to desire in the processes of the universe. I know that government has a system but it is not perfect and unless the workers themselves find work to mean service to the citizens, we will always curse at the mayor and the politicians thinking that they are stingy but greedy. I think that you are to blame because you did not enlist in anything. When they ask you to go to a department or office, you must go. You would never know what they will use it for. When they call for sectors, go because you need to be known to them because they don’t know who you are. I hope they will have you in the list now.

Dear Manang,
My son has been lazy and refuses to go to college. Of course, he will not find work because he has not acquired a diploma. I asked him what he wants to do but I don’t hear what he wants to become. Is it my fault that he has no dreams when I did everything for him. He is on his computer the whole day but has nothing accomplished. How do we proceed from here?
Teri of Tuding, Itogon, Benguet

Dear Teri,
Children are complicated these days. Sometimes you just need to be patient with him. It must be your nagging because he lost interest in all things.
He does not even have friends so how are you going to find out his interests to support him if you can’t get a hint. I suggest that you ask your other children to talk to him so he can be pushed in the right direction.
Talk to him nicely,