July 19, 2024
Golden wedding anniversary celebrants Pete and Emma Siapno with their yummy lechon.

Balikbayans Pete and Emma Siapno, now Baguio residents again, celebrated their “Golden wedding anniversary” – Kamayan style (it was Manang Zeny Cating’s idea according to Pete)  at the Solibao Restaurant, Burnham Park with their beloved friends from the Baguio Association of Restaurants (BAR). The 22-year-old association is headed by Michael del Rosario.

Poch Narvaez, Lilia Bautista, Gil Bautista, Pete Siapno,  Rocky Cating, and Jack Cating.
Front row: Olive Balajadia and Des Bautista. Back row: Auring Bautista, Gloria Vergara, and Zeny and Mos Cating.

Like a Korean telenovela, their love story began in high school, surpassing odds and  Martial Law.

Blessed with four children: Alyh, Lyza, Ricky, and Kaye along with seven grandchildren: Jumar, Jacob, Jaden, Jared, Raiden, Riyan and Cheska. They are also blessed with equally super nice daughter-in-laws (Shirley and Ingrid) and son-in-laws (Jace and Gustavo). The couple lives in bliss and are enjoying their retirement days.

Left to right: Pete and Emma Siapno, Angel Bernardo, Lourdes Nang. Janet Lu, Charito Barter. Seated Sr. Guada, Edna Anton, and Vicky  Clemente.
Front row: Emma Siapno with Baguio Tourism Council head Gladys Vergara de Vera and Olive Balajadia. (Back row) Jack and Maricel Cating, Auring Bautista Gloria Vergara and Zeny Cating.

Entrenched in the love and camaraderie of their BAR friends Pete has this to say, “It feels good to have the BAR family celebrate a belated Golden anniversary with us.” Pete and Emma had to go back to the United States last year to await the birth of their youngest apo, Cheska.

Left to right: Gil Bautista, Pete Siapno, Rocky Cating, Emma Siapno, Jack Cating, Maricel Cating with Charito Barter in the middle.
Bemedalled car racer Carlos Anton with wife Karen and sons Inigo and Alonso with the Siapnos.

Peps (the family calls him this) and Emma have their own little hobbies. Peps is an artist. He paints, draws and does pointillism. He also cooks and is into plants and terrarium nowadays. He used to have an array of aquarium but had to quit when they went back to the States last year. He is multi-faceted.

The celebrants Pete and Emma Siapno with BAR members (left to right) Vicky Clemente, Pete Sr., Guada, Emma, Gladys de Vera, Zeny Cating, and Lourdes Nang.
Seated: Lourdes Nang, Sr. Guada, Edna Anton. Standing: Pete Siapno, Lilia Bautista, Poch Narvaez, and Vicky Clemente.

He used to be a sought after and gifted emcee, announcer, joker and  singer. Emma is into smart clothes and glamming. She is good at organizing events and has gifts for everyone.

In the family, what we all enjoy are the long trips with Emma. You will never be hungry when Emma is around. She has all sorts of snacks and sandwiches. She used to bake and invent desserts. She is fun to be with and of course we all enjoy shopping with Emma.

Kamayan sa Solibao Restaurant.

The couple is like a magnet, they attract good things and good friends. Their BAR family gel and work well together. They too have beautiful personalities. Walang mataas, walang mababa, lahat pantay pantay. Here is to wishing you all, more anniversary celebrations and get togethers. May you continue to prosper one another! Cheers!

Happy belated Golden anniversary, Pete and Emma! (Photos by Karen Navarrete-Anton) — Stella Maria L. de Guia