April 18, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 112, s. 2023 authorizing a supplemental budget in the total amount of P208.7 million for the funding of priority projects for 2023 of the city government.
The amount was sourced from the continuing development fund of CY 2017, 2020 and 2022; and unexpended balances of obligations of CY 2021 and below.
Distributed in various areas and barangays of the city, these priority projects were earlier identified and included in the 2023 supplemental Annual Investment Programs and subsequently approved under Resolutions 760 and 761, both s. 2023.
These are reclamation/construction of drainage line between Abibico and Somebang residence, Kayang Extension – P710,000; improvement and recovery of road at Yangco Street – P10 million; continuation of catwalk along Magsaysay Avenue, Camdas – P1.4M; repair and improvement of Camp 7 west road near Latawan Building – P2,805,500; improvement of Maria Basa waiting shed, Pacdal – P450,000; and improvement of drainage canal near Montecillo’s compound to Bued River, Camp 7 – P2,185,000.
Rehabilitation of eroded riprap and pathway with railings near Bitog’s residence at Purok 2, Loakan Apugan – P628,333; construction of drainage system near Bayo residence, Pacdal – P708,545; rehabilitation of concrete canal and pathway with railings at Purok 2, Ambiong – P775,000; rehabilitation and construction of concrete canal with slope protection from Bendian residence to Kelly residence at Purok 4, Greenwater Village – P630,000; and continuation of construction of drainage canal between Kidpalos’ and Cariño’s residence going up to Purok 4, Mines View – P338,000
Rehabilitation of stairway with handrails from Bokawkan Road going down near Lydia Budod’s residence – P630,000; continuation of installation of sidewalk canopy at Kayang Street, Azcko – P1.3M; construction of canal at Bugnay’s property-Phase 2 Pinsao Proper – P760,000; rehabilitation and concreting of pathway and installation of railings, Sunset Street, Purok 3 at San Luis Village – P300,000; and rehabilitation of eroded road at Purok 8, Irisan going to City Social Welfare and Developemt Social Development Center, Irisan – P3,250,000.
Repair and renovation of Public Information Office at Baguio City Hall – P2,553,685; renovation for new City Legal Office at former General Services Office of Baguio City Hall – P1,076,733; Information and Communication Technology equipment of the City Planning and Development and Sustainability Office – P120,000; and additional garbage hauling and tipping fees – P18M;
Additional budget for the Sports Division – (Electricity expenses; Batang Pinoy 287 delegates, payment of uniform, allowance, transportation, and insurance; and the Philippine National Games, 155 delegates, payment of uniform, allowance, transportation and insurance) – P4,261,400.
Repair/rehabilitation of Pinget Elementary School – P5M; rehabilitation of pathway with railings near Cois Compound, Pucsusan – P341,427; continuation of the improvement of drainage in Avelino Street particularly along Villa Consolacion (Phase 2, Andres Bonifacio) – P2.1M; and continuation of construction of canopy at puroks 2 and 3 at Upper Rock Quarry – P1,060,000;
Also included, with condition that their specification details shall be submitted to the city council for information are basic infrastructure program – construction of multipurpose building, Lualhati (Wright Park) – P50M; sustainable infrastructure projects – alleviating Gap (Sipag)-construction of multipurpose building, Wright Park – P30M; construction of multipurpose building including facilities at Irisan – P14M; and construction of multipurpose building, Athletic Bowl Oval, Burnham Park/construction of Youth Convergence Center and indoor sports complex at Athletic Bowl – P50M.
Through Ordinance 113, s. 2023, the city council approved the request of Mayor Benjamin Magalong for authority to charge P201,304 against the 2023 current appropriations of the Smart City Command Center (SC3) being supervised by the Management Information and Technology Division, City Mayor’s Office for the payment of unpaid electricity expenses.
The unpaid electricity expenses are the consumptions of SC3’s IOT boxes, CCTVs, and air quality monitoring devices installed at various locations in Baguio as billed by the Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. in its letter dated Nov. 13.
These were incurred in 2021: August – P6,928.99; September – P11,850.92; October – P11,738.74; November – P11,292.11; December – P11,863.10; and for 2022 January – P11,825.20; February – P10,654.10; March – P11,865.48; April – P11,740.40; May – P12,198.80; June – P11,824.33; July – P12,108.06; August – P12,233.69; September – P13,087.29; October – P13,466.12; November – P13,084.30; and December 2022 – P13,542.37.
The city council also approved through Ordinance 111, s. 2023 the request for authority to transfer P1.2 million under the 2023 current appropriations of the Baguio City Schools Division Office from account Other Supplies and Materials Expenses to account School Buildings.
As per the certification issued on Dec. 11 of the Local Finance Committee, the amount is available for realignment and disbursement for the construction of a comfort room at Dominican-Mirador Elementary School.
Copies of the ordinances were submitted to the Office of Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.