April 16, 2024

SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) Group’s Ambuklao, Binga, and Magat hydroelectric power plants received top recognition as compliant hydro generators during the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) Compliance Officer Summit recently.

Ambuklao hydro topped among 12 participating hydropower generators all over the country with a compliance rating of 95.55 percent from June26,2019 to June 25, 2020.

Binga and Magat hydros placed second and fourth, respectively, with 92.60 percent and 83.45 percent. 

This is SNAP’s third citation this year from Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), as it also topped PEMC’s compliance ratings in April for the cool-dry season covering the period from Dec. 26, 2019 to Feb. 25, 2020 and in July for the hot-dry season from Feb. 26 to May 25, 2020.

The recent award was received virtually by SNAP’s WESM Compliance Officer Shara Camille Landicho.

SNAP’s WESM compliance work involves Landicho, trading group headed by Christian Mark Tarayao, SNAP-Benguet operations led by Edmund Limpayos, and SNAP-Magat operations headed by Edgardo Bundalian. 

The PEMC confers rating citations to generation companies that have an exemplary compliance record with WESM’s laws and manuals, such as the must offer rule, rule on nomination of projected outputs or loading levels, and real-time dispatch schedule. – Press release