June 20, 2024

Even if a lot of convenient cleaning tools are available, soft broom remains an essential item in the house for many Filipinos.

About two soft brooms are needed every year in a regular house depending on the quality of the material.

But soft brooms made in Boliney, Abra will last for the next four or five years because of their quality and durability.

Soft-broom, locally known as walis tambo is the One-Town, One-Product of the municipality produced mostly in the far-flung barangays of Danac and Amti.

Municipal Tourism Officer Manny Loben said hand-made Boliney soft brooms are known for their quality. They are sold not only in Abra but also in the neighboring provinces and as far as Manila and Mindanao.

Kilala ang soft brooms natin dito dahil dekalidad. Alam ng mga Abrenians na basta matibay na walis tambo ang kailangan, dito sa Boliney nila matatagpuan,” Loben said. Soft brooms are made out of tiger-grass and bamboo.

Entrepreneur Jay Juan Ducayag said unlike any other broom, Boliney soft brooms are fortified with rattan and balnito, a local vine, which makes it last longer.

“After finishing the bamboo handle, we wrap it with rattan weaving for a sturdier handle and we secure the bristles with balnito to create a more durable broom head,” Ducayag said.

Soft broom making is laborious and a soft broom maker can finish two to three pieces only per day.

Boliney soft broom costs P350 to P700 per piece depending on the design. Makers accept customized orders. 

Nakarating na ang mga produkto namin sa Singapore, hindi lang dito sa Abra at Manila. Since year-round naman ang tiger grass dito, patuloy ang paggawa para makabenta ng marami pag may bulk orders,” said Ducayag who is being assisted by the Department of Trade and Industry -Abra.

Loben said the municipal local government unit gives attention to the broom making industry.

He said they will look into the propagation of tiger grass and rattan to ensure adequate supply of raw materials. – Christian Allister Tubadeza