June 5, 2023

The Social Security System has reduced its operational capacity to 50 percent in all its branches and offices located in areas under general community quarantine from March 22 to 31.
The decision to cut operational capacity covers the SSS main office in Quezon City, all branches in the National Capital Region, as well as those located in Baguio, Apayao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Batangas,Tacloban City, Iligan City, Davao City, and Lanao del Sur. 
SSS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio said the initiative is in line with Memorandum Circular 85 issued by the Office of the President of the Philippines and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases Resolution 104.
SSS aims to minimize the risk of exposure of the transacting public and its employees to the Covid-19 as cases in the country surge over the past few days.
From January to March 15, confirmed Covid-19 cases were recorded among SSS employees in 22 of its branches and offices nationwide.
The SSS urges the public to use for their transactions the available online services in the My.SSS portal of the SSS website at www.sss.gov.ph, SSS mobile app, Text-SSS at 2600, and other electronic payment channels.  
Number coding system and limited walk-in transactions  
The number coding system is also implemented in the said branches and offices, which provides prescribed transaction days for SSS members, claimants, and employers based on the 10th digit of their SS or ER ID. These are: 1 and 2 every Monday, 3 and 4 every Tuesday, 5 and 6 every Wednesday, 7 and 8 every Thursday, and 9 and 0 every Friday.  
For funeral or death benefit claims, the basis for the prescribed transaction day will be the 10th digit of the deceased SSS member’s SS ID.  
However, if the prescribed transaction day falls on a holiday, the member, claimant, or employer may transact with the SSS on the next working day. In case of system downtime, the SSS will set an appointment with those who were in line, or they may wait until the system is once again operational.  
Walk-in transactions under the number coding system are allowed only for payment of contributions and loans; compliance to SS number applications filed through the SSS website or SSS mobile app for those who did not upload their supporting documents online; pick-up of unified multi-purpose identification card; presentation of original documents to support claim applications; use of e-center facilities for those who have no computer or Internet at home; and other justifiable reasons. 
SSS transactions that are required to be conducted online are application for SS numbers; submission of maternity notification for self-employed, voluntary, and overseas Filipino worker members and employers; enrollment of disbursement account using the disbursement account enrollment module for members and employers; filing of unemployment benefit, salary loan and calamity loan for members; filing of funeral benefit for SSS-member claimants; filing of retirement benefit for members who are at least 65 years old (technical retirement), voluntary members, and employed members at least 60 to 64 years old (optional retirement); and filing of employment report (R-1A), sickness notification, and sickness benefit reimbursement applications (initial claims) for employers. 
Other online services such as inquiry on contribution and loan records, the status of benefit claims, and eligibility for benefit programs are available through the My.SSS portal, SSS mobile app, and Text-SSS.  
Members may also use the My.SSS portal and SSS mobile spp to view their membership information and addresses of SSS branches, generate Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) for contributions, and view the list of PRN payments.  
The Real-Time Processing of Loans Payment Reference Number (RTPL-PRN) facility, Benefit Re-disbursement Module, and Remittance Transfer Company/Cash Payout Outlet (RTC/CPO) Reference Number Inquiry; and sending of applications for Pension Loans (for retiree-pensioners), Member Data Change Request for simple corrections, and request for SSS records, among other services, are also available for members via the My.SSS portal.
Members can also pay their contributions through PayMaya and Bank of the Philippine Islands via the SSS mobile app.
Employers may view their contribution and loan records and status of payments and benefit reimbursement claims using the My.SSS portal and SSS mobile app.  
With the My.SSS portal, they may also access their SSS information; submit Loan Collection Lists (ML2), Contribution Collection Lists (R3); generate PRN; use the RTPL-PRN facility and Benefit Re-disbursement Module; and certify the loans or claims of their employees.
To access the services in the My.SSS portal and SSS mobile app, members and employers must create a My.SSS account on the SSS website.
Information about the SSS’ various contribution and loan collecting partners is posted on its Facebook page at https://bit.ly/3lpPYaR. – Press release