May 24, 2024

When you lose your temper, you lose yourself.
There are times when we get carried away by our emotions. When somebody says or does something bad towards us, we get angry. Out of anger, we think of ways to get back at our oppressor. Sometimes, we become furious, which leads us to inflict worst things as a form of revenge.
The moment we fly into rage, we forget our good manners. We become irrational and eventually become a person totally different from who we really are. As Bruce Lee once said, “A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.”
In the Philippines, some of the crimes reported occur due to someone’s temper. Even best of friends fight or kill each other when one gets hurt and lost his composure.
Sometimes, I also have a problem controlling my temper. I recently ordered a wardrobe online. My husband and son were not able to assemble it because there was something wrong with it. I returned the item to the seller. She got the item back. Then she sent me a message that nothing is wrong with the item; it is the instructions in the manual which is erroneous. She said that I should have tried to find ways to assemble it instead of returning the item. Furthermore, she said that I should be more patient and diligent. I took her statements negatively so I sent her offensive messages which I regretted afterwards.
Having a short temper can be detrimental. It can affect well-being. This behavior can leave you open to severe social, physical, and psychological issues.
According to a study in 2010, it can cause long-term health problems including insomnia, high-blood pressure, headaches and stomach problems, depression, and anxiety. Hence, we really need to learn how to stay cool.
In an article written by Patrick Allan, he suggested ways we can do when we feel our temper is slowly rising. Some of the ways are count one to 10, think about the situation, take a time out, and take a couple of deep breaths.
Surely, having a short temper will not benefit us at all. It will just worsen situations and destroy our peace of mind. Therefore, remaining calm even when we are in the worst scenarios is still the best that we can do. (RIZA A. BUGHONG)