May 25, 2024

A local health official is warning residents to be vigilant and not be seduced into complacency amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.       
In a media forum at City Hall, Sept. 2, Dr. Zoraida Clavio, Health Services Office medical officer, said nobody should let their guards down on reports that positive cases in the city have declined in the past few days.
Cases may decrease or rise on a daily basis, she warned.
Claudio stressed the importance of adhering to minimum health protocols in shielding one’s self from getting infected by the deadly virus and possibly infecting others.
These include frequent hand-washing with soap and water or alcohol, practice physical distancing, proper wearing of face mask and shield and leaving home only on essential travels.
These are on top of engaging in regular exercise, getting enough sleep, having proper nutrition, not smoking, and more, to bolster a person’s  immune system and over-all health, Clavio reminded.
Although she is hopeful that a vaccine will eventually be developed, Claudio opined, however, that this may still take time since several trials have to be conducted to ensure that the vaccine is effective and safe for everyone.
As a frontline worker herself, Clavio supports the aggressive contact-tracing being implemented by the city led by contract-tracing czar Mayor Benjamin Magalong.
This will enable the immediate identification of possible cases and contain the spread of the disease, she explained. – Gaby Keith