September 28, 2023

I feel anxious for pedestrians walking with their eyes glued to their mobile phones.
This is more so with seniors and adults carrying toddlers. A senior who trips and falls may get a fracture, which is one of the worst injuries for a senior. In the case of an adult carrying a baby, it is sad if the baby sustains a serious injury.
Baguio City has Ordinance 49-2019, prohibiting the use of mobile devices such as cellphones, tablets, and other similar items while walking, especially in busy streets and roads.
Has this ordinance been rescinded? I see more people using such mobile devices now than in 2019. I often see such pedestrians doing so while walking right in front of policemen.
It appears only a few law enforcers know about the ordinance.
I know jaywalking is rampant elsewhere too. But for their safety, we should enforce Ordinance 49-2019 if it has not been rescinded.
Let us not wait for serious accidents to happen before action is taken by the city government. — PETER CHONG, Baguio City