May 24, 2024

“Supermom” is an overused and sugar-coated word although I am pleased at how we are referred as the ilaw ng tahanan and how our unconditional love for our family is recognized. However, we are not always super and it is fine to admit that we are still learning how to be parents to our children even after years of figuring it out.
If the pandemic has taught me one thing as a parent and as a stay-home teacher, that is the realization that children can get the best out of you, multiple times in a day. The blame game is always played as the children share the same annoyance with their parents. Research shows that one factor that contributed to the high level of stress recorded among parents is their worries on the demands of their children’s online learning.
Supermoms get insecure when they cannot provide the maximum effort for their children. As a teacher, homeschooling might be an advantage since I already know how to teach but I was shocked at the fact that there is lot to learn. If I am stressed over my children’s learning modules, I bet the stress is twice for parents who are not teachers. On a positive note, supermoms are flexible and always find ways to remedy situations. We strive to find a solution to every problem.
Supermoms have no sidekicks who can help them in times of trouble, although we should not also discount the help of our superdads. Not everybody though has a superdad. Nowadays, it is normal for both parents to work, but supermoms work 24/7. The pandemic made our homes our workplace and it means more quality time with our families. It certainly made us more empathetic and made us able to work and help each other.
Supermoms are not always strong. We try to conceal our “kryptonites” or our weaknesses from our children while keeping their best interest in mind. However, the pandemic that forced us to stay home made the suppressed feelings easier to explode. Supermoms are also trying to listen and understand their children, but we can meet our children halfway by understanding each other. We say what we feel about something and resolve the conflict altogether.
Supermoms may not always be super but we keep on fighting for our children as we love them unconditionally. We may not always be good at parenting but we make sure to provide our kids security, especially at their young age.
As we celebrate Women’s Month, it is fitting to honor and greet all supermoms. (ROWENA C. ALSONG)