June 17, 2024

The city council has requested anew through Resolution 104, s. 2022 the City Mayor’s Office to extend until June the newspaper stand vendors, watch repair proprietors, locksmiths, and other vendors to trade their livelihood in their current and respective areas as means of helping them recover from the economic impact of the pandemic while bracing themselves for set back and possible relocation.
The action supports the huge efforts of the government to ease people’s lives amid the Covid-19 and in consideration to the appeal of concerned group as conveyed to the body by a certain Peter D. Puzon of the Baguio Citizens’ Rights’ Advocacy Center/Citizen-Advocate Newsletter to stay until such time that concrete plans and arrangements for them to be accommodated in relocation areas are in place.
On Dec. 15, 2020, after a public consultation on the Department of the Interior and Local Government Memorandum Circular 2020-145, which mandates local government units to clear roads and sidewalks from obstructions, the Permits and Licensing Division had made an agreement with the group of newspaper stand vendors, watch repair proprietors, locksmiths, and other vendors for the latter to comply with the required 0.6 meter setback from the sidewalk or to find a relocation to avoid any violation of the law.
Due to the devastation and challenges brought by the Covid-19 on the physical, psychological, and economic condition of the people, the city government gave consideration and adjustment to the group to stay and trade in the meantime in their respective areas.
Because of the continuing pandemic that affected and hampered many developments, including government activities, the validity of the agreement was twice extended with the latest to expire until March 2022 to give ample time for the group to comply with the set back from the sidewalks and to find possible and suitable relocation sites.
Through Resolution 103, s, 2020, the city council declared the health centers at Asin, Atab, Atok Trail, City Camp, Engineer’s Hill, Irisan, Lucban, Pacdal, Pinsao, and Quirino Hill as city-owned primary health care facilities.
The resolution, which was furnished to the regional director of the Department of Health-Cordillera complies with the mandatory licensing requirements of the DOH for all primary health care facilities in order to ensure standards and quality services that are more responsive to the needs of the catchment areas.
The license would allow the district health centers to be further upgraded and give primary health care services to the population pursuant to DOH Administrative Order 2012-0012 on the Rules and Regulations Governing the New Classification of District Health Centers and other level 1 facilities in the Philippines.
In Resolution 102, s. 2022, barangay health workers in Baguio were designated as barangay-level health education and promotion officers. They will collaborate with members of other primary care provider networks in the city for a proactive and effective implementation of health promotion policies, programs, and activities in the community.
Consistent with Ordinance 115, s, 2021, BHWs and the Barangay Nutrition Scholars are recognized as BHPOs.
The resolution provides that the technical and managerial oversight of the BHWs with regard to implementation of health promotion policies, programs, and activities at the community level shall be the responsibility of the City Health Services Office, through the local HEPOs, who shall establish and maintain functional coordination with the City-Wide Health Promotion Unit to ensure the seamless and standardized implementation of health promotion, policies, programs and activities across the City-Wide Health System.
Further, the resolution ensures provision of BHWs just and commensurate financial and/or non-financial honorarium incentives, or benefits, including necessary resources to mobilize them, operational expenditure, equipment, and/or training costs which may be sourced from Special Health Fund and other local budgetary sources.
In joint Resolution 098, s. 2022, the city honors Aurelia J. Mandapat as a centenarian of Baguio.