April 14, 2024

The Philippine Statistics Authority Benguet will be conducting the nationwide October 2020 Census Evaluation Survey (CES) for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH).

CPH refers to the complete process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing, publishing, and disseminating data about the population and housing units in the country.

It entails primarily the listing and recording of the characteristics of each individual and each living quarter as of a specified time and within a specified time and within a specified territory.

These data, which are collected from the national down to the barangay level, are vital in making rational plans and programs towards national and local development.

The results of the 2020 CPH ought to be assessed through CES that shall serve as a post-enumeration survey.

The CES aims to evaluate the completeness of coverage in the 2020 CPH and the quality of data gathered in the census through appropriate statistical procedures, namely main survey, processing/matching, and follow-up survey.

Data collection is expected to be completed in 20 days from Oct. 9 to 31 including Saturdays and holidays covering four enumeration areas in Benguet and two areas in Baguio City.

PSA-Benguet encourages the public to support and cooperate in the conduct of the statistical activity.

Under Section 26 of Republic Act 10625, the household supplied information will be held strictly confidential and the report cannot be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or enforcement procedure, nor will be published except in the form of statistical summaries in which no reference to any individual person shall appear. – Press release