July 17, 2024

The Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) Office in Apayao has been accredited as a mother-baby friendly workplace. 

The Apayao Provincial Department of Health Office (PDOHO) headed by Charlyn Tagabing, led the awarding of the accreditation to the SWAD Apayao through Team Leader Gretchen Garcia in Luna recently.

The accreditation of the SWAD Apayao is in adherence to Republic Act 10028 or the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009.

The achievement follows the successful completion of a rigorous assessment demonstrating SWAD-Apayao’s dedication to providing a supportive environment for nursing mothers and their children.

The PDOHO accreditation process evaluated SWAD-Apayao in various criteria, including the availability of lactation facilities, supportive workplace policies, and educational programs promoting the importance of breastfeeding among employees and clients.

The milestone underscores SWAD-Apayao’s commitment to upholding the rights of working mothers and fostering a family-friendly workplace culture.

“As more organizations recognize the importance of supporting breastfeeding employees, SWAD-Apayao serves as a shining example of best practices in this area,” the PDOHO said.  

In a statement, Garcia said they are thankful that the SWAD Office now has a functional mother-friendly facility that promotes breastfeeding  and  adheres to the various guidelines as a mother-baby friendly workplace.

“The provision of paraphernalia and guidance of the Department of Health-Cordillera and Department of Social Welfare and Development-Human Resource Welfare Section in the establishment of our mother-baby friendly workplace equipped our personnel and facility to effectively cater to the needs of our vulnerable sector,” Garcia said.

“We are grateful for having a functional mother and friendly facility that promotes breastfeeding and establishes a safe space for mothers to be nurtured and valued by the government offices.”

The PDOHO is encouraging more government as well as private offices in Apayao to adhere to the law on the promotion of breastfeeding in workplaces and provide spaces for mothers and their children. – Redjie Melvic Cawis