July 15, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Two Tabukeñas brought honor to this city for topping the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) “Sinaglakan” Class 2021.
Navy Cadet Midshipwoman, 1st Class Jovy Sallosar Bernardo, graduated as cum laude and ranked No.1 of the graduating class.
She received the Commander-In-Chief Saber and the Flag Officer-In-Command Saber.
Midshipwoman, 1st Class Agot Isic Sangoy, ranked second and was awarded a plague of recognition.
Two others from Kalinga  also finished in the top 10, namely Stevenson Lingbawan, who ranked fifth, and Erkin Kinao ranked 10th.
Thrity-six of the 162-strong “Sinaglakan” Class who finished Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering are from Kalinga. 
In her posted valedictory address, Bernardo, from Barangay Bulo, Tabuk, inspired the youth to never stop trying in the pursuit of excellence.
“Do not focus on the hardships, focus on your dreams and it will all be worth it,” she said. 
She dedicated her award to her parents and all the people who prayed and supported her.   
Bernardino finished Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the Kalinga State University in 2016 before entering the state-run PMMA. She will join the Philippine Navy as an ensign.  – Larry Lopez