May 24, 2024

Team Lakay chairman Mark Sangiao has welcomed the opening of a new stable by his former wards, saying this will help further develop martial arts in the Cordillera.

With a new martial arts gym in town, Sangiao said he is looking forward to having healthy competition whether in local or in international events. 

TRAINING REGIMEN — Team Lakay chairman Mark Sangiao posed for posterity with his fighters after their daily training regimen in La Trinidad, Benguet last week. Sangiao expects a healthy competition with his former wards who formed a new stable called Lions Nation MMA. — Team Lakay photo

He was referring to the Landslide Martial Arts Training Center under the Lions Nation MMA founded by former Team Lakay fighters.

“I wish them luck and hope to have a healthy competition with them soon,” Sangiao said.

Sangiao is also keen on inviting the newly-formed stable in their upcoming events that includes the upcoming 38th Lakay Grapplers Cup on July 9 as part of the Sen. Sonny Angara-Benguet Friendship Games to be held at the Benguet State University gym in La Trinidad.

Focusing on clinching and ground fighting, the Team Lakay grappling tournament aims to develop MMA fighters in their submission skills through the use of submission holds, which brings together techniques from folk wrestling, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and sambo.

The event also aims to develop the skills of local MMA enthusiasts and prepare them for higher levels of combative sports.  

Team Lakay is also expected to hold another MMA tournament later this year as follow-up to the resounding success of the Kabayan Fury 1 which bannered 10 up and coming MMA fighters across the country.   

Since Team Lakay was formed, some of its fighters also built their own gyms that includes Dave Galera who manages Gridlock Gym; and  siblings Jenelyn and Jerry Olsim, who opened the Graceful Bokodian Lions Martial Arts Gym 

Current ONE Championship bantamweight title contender Stephen Loman, who is still with Team Lakay, also manages Sniper Gym.

Even with the recent events, Sangiao said he is thankful to Benguet Rep. Eric Yap and Fairtex for their continued support to the team. – Press release