December 1, 2023

The technological advancements the world is experiencing right now is something we owe to the brilliance of the people before us. That is why although being street smart may mean success in elevating someone’s class in the triangular separations of society, it means much for people of today to make sure brilliance in humanity still exists. The way I see it, no one should underestimate the achievers in the educational institutes in our society.
To commence, some believe that not being a graduate in a tertiary education is already a thing of the past. They explicate that you can still obtain work if even if you do not have bachelor’s degree. This is true, and this is a reality that saddens me because it discourages a few learners to pursue the education they aim to achieve. I would like to reiterate that schools are there because they have a reputation. To be specific is the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who is the epitome of the results of studying in as many higher educations as possible. I think that she would not have that brilliance and knowledge in her had she not graduated in one of the best universities in the Philippines. I am just as excited as you are in having another Miriam in our country, and this can only be achieved by graduating in a tertiary institution.
Many would argue that not finishing or having education still speaks success explaining that the owners of Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Oprah and Lady Gaga made it to the top even not continuing education. Similar success stories are flooding social media these days giving an impact to the youth that they should start doing business as early as they can since it would be much better.
Starting a business at an early age might be a great chance for them to have a better life that is as good as the Facebook owner. However, let me remind you about what happened in 2019. The Covid pandemic happened making the government decide if they should prioritize the economy or health of the public. Of course, how can you continue businesses to run economies if the people you serve are already dead because of the virus. That is why the state implemented lockdowns. We also relied on the brilliance of scientists and, waiting for someone to develop a vaccine that would save lives. At such times, we needed the knowledge and the contributions of the brilliant people among us. Truth be told, we will have more of them only through education.
Today, I have been observing that being an honor student is being underestimated by some since one can still be successful even without a diploma. I am not against any of that, and I am as happy as you are when one becomes better off because of perseverance even without the support of good educational background. Nevertheless, life for me is not only about becoming rich and achieving success. Life is about using your wit, knowledge, and logic in a manner that benefits many. To all the students out there who have done so much for them to be on the best in their class, I know it was not easy, but you made it. Also, to those students who are trying their very best to be the best, your efforts are not put in vain. Just imagine the information and knowledge you gained helpful for your intellectual growth.
Briefly, we have more technological breakthroughs ahead of us, and we may also have more pandemics to come. However, for as long as we have brilliant people among us, I am sure that we can acquire more breakthroughs and overcome pandemics. All we must do is put education as our priority and for our students to study hard.